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  1. Wolff

    Metal Coat

    Oh, thanks, dude. Aparently I'll have to fight him first, didn't found anything there. Say, do you know if there is a Reaper's Cloth avaliable too?
  2. Wolff

    Metal Coat

    Hi! Can anyone tell me a place where I can find a Metal Coat for my Onix? I'm at the Noel Gym Battle, didn't fight with him yet.
  3. Wolff

    Metal Coat

    Thanks, dude! Really helped me out.
  4. Wolff

    Metal Coat

    Hey there! I've read before that Luvdisc can be a good farm of Heartscale if you have a pokémon with the "Thief" move, however I'm wondering about wich one of the rods that I need to encounter one of those pokémon. I'm currently at the Spinel Gym in the game and I have both Old and Good Rods.
  5. Woah, didn't knew that there was a Murkrow there, thanks, dude!
  6. I'm at the battle against the PULSE Muk in the factory.
  7. Already passed through there, the pokémon that appeared to me was a Baltoy. I'm stuck at the Pulse Muk battle.
  8. Hi, I'm new at this forum and I wanted to know if it is possible to trade pokémons in Reborn, I'm searching a Gollet and I can't find one. (Sorry for the horrible english, i'm a brazilian).
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