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  1. nturn666

    Missing item.

    or this file Game.rxdata
  2. nturn666

    Missing item.

    this is my last save , can you to fix this because i have problem Game - 1050 - Alfa - 97h 34m - 9 badges.rxdata
  3. nturn666

    Missing item.

    where i can found file with save ?because i have problem with Sandbox Mode
  4. nturn666

    Missing item.

    this is my last save LastSave.dat
  5. nturn666

    Missing item.

    The Exp. Share i got from the quest in spinel town disappeared from my inventory and/or PC . I went back to a prior save state where i definitely would have had it (because i was using it to level up one of my pokes at the time) and it's gone from there too. Is there any way i can get it back?
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