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  1. Whats up guys I'm planning on making a new Fan made game for the wimdows pc. I'll see later about Mac and Linux but I hope I'll also be able to create for them as well. Cause i was really inspired by Reborn and Rejuvenation and all other Pokemon PC games to do so. Im thinking I should Call this game Pokemon Revelation, yeah thats sounds right, Plz Support me guys I'd really appreciate it and also Kudos to Jan and Ame for coming up with these awesome Fan games and also putting them out there can't wait for version 13 for Rejuvenation. Don't worry im still playing Reborn so far im understanding the plot to it little by little but either than that awesome game.


    1. nam23


      Good luck

    2. UltraLucien15


      Thanks a lot:) I really need it.


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