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  1. Unlike the other commenter tho I did use held items, just not bag items, and did have a mega stone on swampert.
  2. I beat it (on intense difficulty with no items, set mode) with a very particular team. I led with bastiodon who proceeds to stealth rock turn 1, the opponent switched out the shadow pokemon turn 1 to the poke is a physical attacker and knows earthquake (forgot what it was). I then switched to rotom wash and will-o-wisp'ed it. I then switched to incineror for the intimidate. I then switched to blaziken and spammed bulk up and subsitute (with a lum berry for the hypnosis). I then switched into a swampert after enough bulk ups and with a substitute up such that the opponent did NOT break marshtomps substitute. Marshtomp then proceeded to sweep everyone until nagandiel. the nagandiel can 2 hit swampert, but because the substitute was still up, swampert could get 3 hits in and break the shields before fainting. That combined with the stealth rock damage was enough for priority attackers on my team to be able to wear it down with gem boosted stab attacks (including running dark gem on the previosly mentioned rotom-wash with sucker punch). Finally I was down to bastiodon and managed to finish it off with some (very weak) heavy slams. Very very tough fight, but beatable. Now I am stuck on the next fight T.T
  3. Hello Everyone, I have just been banging my head against the wall trying to beat the dark type elite four leader in the virtual gym after choosing Meganium as a starter on intense. The only thing that seems vaguely possible to do without bag items is to get increadibly lucky multiple times in a row with metronome. Does anyone have any experience with this fight? And if so what do I do? Thanks a bunch.
  4. seemed pretty harsh to me
  5. Ah sad, hopefully someone knows, I was trying to complete my dex (although I am v far off). Love the Serial Experiments Lain reference btw :))
  6. It wasn't spawning before the Beldum quest either, and it was impossible because you couldn't reach the fountain before episode 18 without Taurus but you can now by completing the turning the tubes pink quest.
  7. Hello everyone, Trying to catch squirtle in the wasteland but it is not spawning. I have finished the beldum quest, it's raining, and I have talked to the squirtle dude many times yet it still isn't spawning. What is the issue? Thanks -retep
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