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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

  2. Eeeep!!!!!!........... Another one and boy this is not Exactly what i was thinking of seeing and yeees this one is one that i didn't want to open it is just so creepy and why just why....
  3. Yeah i know but i meant the library in the ''real'' world because i went to all sides of the village but coudn't find this library.
  4. Ok so she would be killed either way. It is too so annoying that i can't go back and finnally get the eelektrik because i need it for my team just like the solosis trade. And another question where do i find the library i can't remember and do i need to do somthing before that?
  5. So Big question could i have saved Nova there or not? Also is the game gonna end in this release in the so called real world. Small question is there any way too get toxicroakite? Thank you in advance
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