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  1. I would, but I kinda spent a bunch of time training up several pokemon for the next gym and would rather avoid that if possible
  2. Hey so I made the mistake of using fly after going through the second part of the train puzzle and can't get back no matter how hard I try so if someone can help me with that I'll love you forever, please and thank you. Game.rxdata
  3. So I saw a few people had this problem and go it fixed but I for the life of me can't figure it out? Basically I did the first part of the train puzzle and then used fly to go heal my pokemon and train up a few new pokemon to help me fight Titania because I knew she was the next gym leader and now I can't get past the trains. People always say there's an entrance that will help you get past it but It just takes me to the area where I'm blocked off. I tried to download the patch on one of the threads but it just took me to an error screen. I've also tried going into the files to fix it myself but immediately got lost and confused. Can somebody give me some steps to fix it? Like idk what files to go to and what to change because I low key want to cry right now. Please and thank you for helping my dumb self :~:
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