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  1. oh my bad then, i read at a random pokemon wiki that either dusk and midday lycanrock learn that at evolution, sorry for the mistake, thank you for the info
  2. When i evolved this rockruff lvl 25, he learned thrash instead of Accel Rock. Is it normal ? Is it impossible to get this attack ? I didn't tried move relearner yet cuz i can't find heartscales but it seemed weird to learn thrash..
  3. Hi, i've recently started playing this game after finishing reborn's last version and i arrived at goldenleaf town. Next to that city there is an espurr with who you can play a bit. But like some other players, he softlocked me in a corner and the game saved at that moment, so i'm definitely stuck. Is there a way to save my savefile ? If yes, what files am i supposed to share to someone willing to help ? thanks a lot
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