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  1. Update: I accidently hit the space bar instead of the enter bar when clicking new game and that allowed me to start the intro sequence and i havent had any problems since. I don't know what was giving me the error message but it was repeatable and was apparently caused by me hitting enter on "new game".
  2. Hey, I was wondering if anyone could help me with the specific error message i got when i tried to open up the newest version of reborn available on the downloads screen (version 18.4.1 4 Fruits). I have no in-depth computer experience whatsoever so any help is appreciated. I downloaded the first file available under the "Fruit version" (the one from mega), unzipped it, and opened the app. The app will open and the title screen pops up, but if i click new game i get this error message. Script 'pokemonload' line 1096: Errno::EROFS occured Read-only file system - Data/LastSave.dat I just want to know if this is an insurmountable problem and I have to try and go through the wine program again or if there's something i can do to try and make it playable on my computer. My mac is updated to the most recent systems version available as far as I'm aware (catalina I think).
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