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  1. Thank you so much. You're amazing. I got all three of them. Thank you again for being really helpful and for your time.
  2. My User is Sane. It's fine, no worries. I can wait.
  3. Says "Who would you like to request trade with?"
  4. Tried wondertrade just rn. Its amazing. So how do we trade?
  5. Is it possible to trade so early in the game? Ill go with that option if possible.
  6. My bad. I didn't choose a starter yet if that makes a difference. I just want my Adamant Blaziken/Torchic, Roselia and Meowstic back. Thank you again . Game.rxdata
  7. Thank you so much. At least not everything is lost. Again. Thank you so much. Game.rxdata
  8. Awww. Guess Ill just accept that it wont be ever coming back. Thank you for your efforts though. Really appreciate it . That would be nice though if I could have them back if its possible.
  9. Yes. Inside Users and Saved Games. I deleted the Main Reborn file and all those saves found in Saved Games but left the "Game_3.rxdata" file. Reinstalled it and it still doesn't work.
  10. Sadly I don't have any. :( It's not possible for a mod to fix it instead?
  11. Help me please. When I'm going out the Pokemon Center, This Error Message pops up. "script 'PokemonMap' line 78: NoMethodError occurred undefined method 'bridge=' for nil:NilClass" I also started searching online on how to fix this. Tried deleting the Main Folder of Reborn and reinstalling it yet the error still pops up when I go out. So please help me, I don't wanna start over again. Please... Thank you in advance. Game_3.rxdata
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