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  1. Dam i did not expect this many replies, i did finaly manage to do it, my friend told me to catch that electric sheep pokemon, level it till it go power gem, then go through the gym on easy mode, and it worked it killed 4 of her pokemon without any issue, just had to kill heather and that fossil bug thing she had (again terible with poke names if it aint gen 1, my apologies)
  2. Thats exactly what i did, then use nummel to flame burst wich worked, but her illumise wont go down with one hit no matter what i use, if i use my spooky owl, my nummel doesnt matter she always survies, the one time i did crit her, she just summoned the spider type pokemon she has (not good with names of newer gen pokemon) and cast rain with that When i last did this game i do not remember shelly being this hard, it was the second gym that killed me, but that was a breeze this time
  3. Im wondering if anyone could trade me anything below level 35 that might help me do shelly? (phrasing) I did finish this game at episode 9 a long time ago and my strat for beating her back then (burn the world down) does not seem to be working, wich is annoying because i spent alot of time leveling this fugly nummel for no reason i was planning on setting it free after shelly just on princable
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