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  1. Part 6: While grinding up the team, Ducklett hatches from it's egg. Grace (Ducklett) - Ability: Hydration, Relaxed Nature We also go up against two Meteor grunts impersonating the Daycare Couple, we ended up losing Jemima (Espurr) to Crabrawler's Pursuit, but we did end up getting a Seel egg, a Spoink and a Happiny out of it. R.I.P Jemima (Espurr) Lvl 19 Wilbur (Spoink) - Ability: Thick Fat, Timid Nature Joy (Happiny) - Ability: Natural Cure, Naive Nature After grinding up the team and getting Wilbur and Grace
  2. Part 5: Too Cool for School Arriving in Coral Ward, I pick up a few event mon. Grizabella (Skitty) - Ability: Wonder Skin, Bold Nature Samba (Lotad) - Ability: Own Tempo, Careful Nature We come across Amaria as well as Cain who rescues a Popplio stranded in toxic water, and challenges us to a battle. Vulcan (Numel) gets rid of Grimer with two Magnitude 6s, Big Boi (Grotle) takes out Popplio with one Razor Leaf, Butterfly (Finneon) defeats Cubone with two Water Guns and Vulcan finishes Nidorino with one Magnitude 8. Heading back to Obs
  3. Part 4: Before entering Obsidia, I decided to do a bit of training to get some of my low leveled Pokemon caught up with the rest of the team. Romeo (Woobat) evolved into a Swoobat, but unfortunately, Marty (Blitzle) dies to a Whismur using Echoed Voice while I was training Yoomtah (Igglybuff) up on the trainers on Opal Bridge. R.I.P Marty (Blitzle) Lvl 17 When arriving in Obsidia, I pick up a few new members in the Sweet Kiss Candy Shop. Minty (Vanillite) - Ability: Snow Cloak, Jolly Nature Floss (Swirlix) - Ability: Sweet Veil, Rash
  4. Part 3: Three Cheers for Big Boi Starting off, I decided to grind some of my Pokemon at the Grand Hall and get Marigold (Budew) and Licorice (Tynamo) up to speed for more resistance against Electric type moves, I also evolved Big Boi into a Grotle so it can take a few more hits from Julia's team, especially against her Voltorb and Electrode's Sonic Boom. I also caught a Shiny Goldeen in Lower Peridot Ward. Peppermint (Shiny Goldeen) - Ability: Lightning Rod, Quirky Nature Next up was the first Gym Leader of Reborn, Julia. Her Oricorio and Electrode might mak
  5. Part 2: Starting off, I capture a few more event mons as well as a Shiny Purrloin while grinding my team up in the alleyways in Upper Peridot Ward. Marty (Blitzle) - Ability: Sap Sipper, Bold Nature (Sap Sipper could come in handy in Forest fields, so I'm fine with this.) Yoomtah (Igglybuff) - Ability: Competitive, Jolly Nature Mungojerrie (Shiny Purrloin) - Ability: Limber, Timid Nature Heading over to Blacksteam Factory, I met Fern, who challenges me to a battle. Romeo (Woobat) takes down Budew with two Confusions, Big Boi (Turtwig)
  6. Part 1: And so it begins... After luckily escaping and surviving from a train crash, I head down to the Grand Hall to get my starter for this run. Turtwig is apparently good for this run, with it's Hidden Ability Shell Armor, which protects it from crits, also it get Earthquake pretty early. I chose my Turtwig and named him Big Boi. Big Boi (Turtwig) - Ability: Shell Armor, Naive Nature. (Not bad, managed to get Shell Armor, kinda sucks about the speed, tho.) So I beat up Cain's Nidoran and Victoria's Litten, receive my Pokeballs and went to get my first enc
  7. Hi everyone! I've been playing Reborn a lot and I've been thinking of doing a Pokemon Reborn Nuzlocke. I'm aware of how hard this challenge is gonna be so I set up some rules. Standard rules apply, of course. (1 Pokemon per area, pokemon dies when it faints.) Dupes clause will be in affect here. Because of shinies being a lot easier to encounter, 1 shiny per area I'm allowed to use static encounters (weather events, trade mons, gift mons), they won't count as a encounter in the area. If I run out of Pokemon in my party and PC, the gam
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