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  1. I had both the Fire and Bug Memories for Silvally, but for some reason they became Grass Memories, so I now have three of those. Any help is appreciated! Game_3.rxdata
  2. Thank you so much for helping me!! I'm sure that reward will help a lot in e19
  3. Awesome, thanks!! I'm online, so whenever you're ready, I'll there.
  4. I think I'm good, unless you have an extra Lucky Egg or Exp. Share you would like to give.
  5. Sounds good, my username is Ethicc. Thank you so much!!
  6. Unfortunately, I know I missed each of these. Is there anything you want for them?
  7. I only need five more entries until it's completed. Here are my requests: - Azurill or Sea Incense for breeding - Natu/Xatu - Lunatone - Solrock If you could fill any or all, it would be greatly appreciated! I can try to fill any of the requests for these mons.
  8. I can get you one. Could you get me a Natu or a Whismur in exchange?
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