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  1. Hello. I have noticed that pokemon afflicted with poison or nightmare stop losing health at the end of turns when they also get healed at the end of the turn. This first happened when fighting Noel. His clefable was poisoned, but it didn't lose health at the end of the turn (the field heals at the end of the turn). It is happening again battling the couple in the pokemon center. This time they are asleep and afflicted with nightmare. They only lose health the first turn. They get healed at the end of the turn by help items and then do not suffer nightmare afterwords. I don't know if this occurs due to a burn or not yet. Also I was certain Nightmare hurts Komala, but it isn't. Nightmare may be glitched all together.
  2. I was waiting to see if it happened again. Changing the speed didn't help. I just started dialog with Archer on 7th st for the first time since restoration and one of his lines sped by and I couldn't read it.
  3. Thanks for the reply. The dialog is set to fast. Is that the same thing? If not then no, I don't have the setting on. In fact I don't see an option for speed up.
  4. Hello. Every once and a while the dialog will auto scroll quickly denying me the change to read it. I am not certain why it happens.
  5. Hello. I have recently begun experiencing crashes while traversing the map in different areas. My crash log indicated an problem with the graphics hardware. I didn't experience crashes in older versions that required wineskin (though running the game in wineskin made it much slower.). I am not certain if this issue has anything to do with the flickering/mixed/misplaced texture issue I have been having. I've added pictures to show what it looks like. My mac is a mid 2012 and is running mohave. Also there have been times when dialog boxes and the menu lag.
  6. I'll try upgrading my OS to High Sierra and that should also update my opengl. In some areas it kind of looks like textures are getting mixed.
  7. Am I the only one to report this so far? Hopefully it can be fixed in future updates. It's my understanding that the Mac native version of the game is recent.
  8. I did when you sent it to me.
  9. I tried it and the glitch happened as soon as I started moving. It's horrible in the gym. The attached image started happening before I replaced the file you sent.
  10. From what I can find, Mac OS X doesn't allow updating of opengl. It is tied to the version of OS X I am running. I'd have to upgrade the OS itself to update the drivers. I'm not certain if the drivers are the issue since I am running the version required (Sierra). Then again I know even less about Mac hardware than you.
  11. Its a Mid 2012 Macbook Pro. I have an update as well. The texture glitch is occurring in the first gym.
  12. Both versions? Do you mean 18.2 or 18.3? I use a Mac. The only native mac version I have played is 18.3. In the past I had to use wineskin to play this game. That version was 17.1. I did not have this issue before downing the Mac version, but it ran slow.
  13. That didn't fix it. I still get texture problems. I should be more specific that it seems to effect mostly the ground. So far only when outside buildings.
  14. This is a minor bug. Sometimes i get some missing/flickering textures. I'm running the mac version of this game. I think it happens during the day. I don't see it during night (yet). Sorry is this is already reported elsewhere. I couldn't find the issue while searching.
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