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  1. it looks like theres an issue with moving onto chapter 14 after you mention to fly out of grand dream tournament to do some side quests, this locks the character out of the game without a save file, thought id throw that out there.
  2. Hello all, I started chapter 14 on rejuvenation and immediately flew away to do some breeding but now I realize I can't get back to the grand dream tournament. Is there any way around this? The train on route 9 doesnt doesnt gob ack to the tournament and I tried the Claydol method but it seems I cant get back to the tournament area anyway. Thanks!
  3. No problem! Thanks for replying. I'll figure this out eventually not going to let hundreds of hours go to waste
  4. Hello! Im stuck in my rejuvenation game due to being unable to get another Occo berry and wanted to get debug mode but it looks like its not letting me go. getting this error. Any fixes?
  5. Debug mode issue


    So im stuck in the game and cant move on but after moving over the script im getting a script 'scriptReiszer' line 151 typeError

    no implicit conversion from nil to integer.


    Any fixed on this?

  6. oh cool, do you have a debug mode you suggest using? I tried the main one from here but its juts giving me an error.
  7. thats the one i planted that went away i couldnt figure out how to get to previous saves I tried to look into that as well. Debug mode is scaring me as well trying not to delete my entire gmae lol
  8. im sort of feeling like thats where im at at this point. Time to go learn how to do that! thanks
  9. Hello! If you use your occa berries and have used all the ones from Terajuma can you not do the witch quest anymore?
  10. Hello! In Rejuvenation I messed up not realizing how berries work and now have no way of getting an Occa berry for the witch help quest. I dont have any on Terrajuma and dont want to just not be able to do the quest. any advice?
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