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  1. I'm having the same problem as this guy, I heard I have to repatch or micro fix my game? I have no idea what that is, or how to do it! Apparently its on the "main thread" but where would that be?! I just really want to continue playing rejuvenation.. Please help! Game.rxdata
  2. Also, just to mention the save you sent me is one of my old reborn backups, except its converted to where it would be roughly in rejuvenation.
  3. I've reinstalled the game and tried backup saves already..
  4. I am experiencing a "PokemonEncounters" NoMethodError "blackFluteUsed" for nil:Class nil, please help me. I have already posted a plea in the Major/Fatal Bugs V12 thread, I haven't gotten any reply and am getting anxious. I have heard that I'm supposed to "repatch" or "micro fix" it, but I have no idea how and where to do that. Please help! Game.rxdata
  5. I know that I have to "repatch" or get the "micro fix" to fix this, but I can't figure out how to do that. It's the Script 'PokemonEncounters' line 311 NoMethodError + 'undefined method 'blackFluteUsed' for nil:Nil Class. Please help, and possibly provide a link if there is one. Game.rxdata
  6. Help! my save is stuck at Agate circus when I talked to the Ringmaster the script took too long in the middle of talking to him and saved and now im stuck and can't progress, and isn't letting me do ANYTHING! Game.rxdata
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