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  1. i can talk to the tile here in front of keith's office and buy pokeball hmmmm when the game says there are no pokeballs imported yet lol
  2. where is exactly is wobbuffet in safari zone. i just couldn't find one
  3. i have the same problem as you when i almost had all my characters reach this door here, I couldn't use the button A anymore. I downloaded the map file and replaced the original one in data and restarted the game, but still the button A just wasn't working. Also i couldn't leave the map as I got stuck here
  4. hmmm i have already completed the pokedex expect for legendary pokemon and got poipole, but thanks anyway
  5. oh hey sorry, I forgot to mention this, i have already finished battling with both avalugg and the water gym, and i have already collected 17 gym badges. The only gym badge i dont have now is dragon gym which is not out yet. i'm just not sure where i can go and what i can do now after the glass edition updated.
  6. hey thanks, i have already battled with charlotte and got the fire badge, where is amarias house btw? was it the water type gym? i haven't played this game for a year and kinda forgot everything. if it is the water gym, i have already went there and nothing happened in the water gym
  7. i am stuck at calcenon city with this red barrier, im not sure where to go now
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