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  1. That would be absolutely incredible if you could LMAO
  2. Have it! Shiny for a shiny (it's one im not currently using) Think of it as paying it foward if you'd like.
  3. Okay easy! My username is Mutallix, logging in now.
  4. @Starry Knight I think that might help :') @P.Kiko i'm AEST (australian eastern standard time.) I presume you're French? If so the time difference doesn't really help us lol
  5. That's good news! omg that's awfully kind of you, thank you so much! Let me know when you're ready to trade
  6. I stupidly gave Blake the ruby ring in exchange for waterfall and missed out on the shiny charm - been trying to get this shiny Deino for the past 5 days but no luck. Anybody got a spare shiny Deino they'd be willing to trade? would be greatly appreciated
  7. That's awfully nice of you! Logging on now - any type of pokemon you want in return (i feel bad just giving you a dud lol)
  8. Just before Agate Circus, decided i want to bring a Sheer Force nidoking along with me beforehand but forgot he needs a Moon Stone lol. i've sold the one in the Slums and backtracked to Byxbision Wasteland as there was apparently one hidden in a rock after the first sliding steel beam coming from the 'hidden tunnel' - alas i could not locate it. Tried my hand at mining for the past 3 hours as well and yet to find one
  9. Sold my Moon Stone early game as i needed some Quick Cash for the Ev Bands, would anyone possibly be able to trade me one? :)
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