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  1. While I’m assuming that no one really cares about common Pokémon’s shinys considering the encounter rate, but I thought I’d atleast through this out there considering they're just going to rot away in my pc if I don’t. I don’t need anything, let me know if your interested
  2. Sounds fun! A question before I get started, when you say “almost complete” when does the game stop?
  3. So, I know this so probably the dumbest question ever asked literally, but what is this place? Is it about a fan game, How feature complete is the game. It seems like there are posts from 7-8 years ago which makes me like that maybe this isn’t only for the fan game. I read a FAQ, but I have never heard of the game outside of this. I don’t remember how I got here. Sorry if I wrote something wrong I’m pretty tired
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