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  1. I have never lost these many gym battles. Her first two Pokemon (double battle) are able to wipe out my whole team. The most reliable ones I have are:- Blaziken Alakazam Typhlosion Noivern Krookodile Gengar Nidoking Muk Aggron Slaking Hawlucha Zoroark Even though my Typhlosion is 5 levels above hers, she still seems to be way faster and has higher attack. ( my typhlosion's nature is serious) I can't seem to beat a single Pokemon of hers. Please help me!
  2. I saw a video where you can plug in the data chip into the the healing machine in byxbysion and trigger the event but how many badges do you need for that?
  3. Is there anywhere except 7th street where shards are used?
  4. I went to the hidden parts of the underground railnet with rock smash but all i found was the boyfriend who was stuck, field read out, TMX flash and a whole lot of arons hanging on poles. Where exactly can I find the house key?
  5. I see. Ame's really cool. I am kinda new here what's up with the budew?
  6. Oh ok. Is Amethyst making the game alone?
  7. How do the admins/developers/designers/creators of Pokemon reborn earn money and what keeps them going?
  8. Oh I see. By the way, do you get a rock climb TM/TMX or its only by levelling up? I'd like to ask the same for headbutt
  9. I am right now on Tanzan Cove, defeated Noel. Is there a place where I can catch a gastly?
  10. Hi

    1. Amethyst


      Hi, what's up?

    2. SamirKhairati


      Hey, I love Pokemon Reborn. It's way better than any Pokemon game I've ever played!

    3. Amethyst


      glad to hear it. thanks for being in the community too!!

  11. I tried that for 30 minutes but I found everything except a sandile. This post is similar The guy who answered it said that its in a specific area. I did not understand where though
  12. So according to the wiki, sandile is supposed to be on Tanzan mountain But even after searching it for a while, I couldn't find it. Is there a specific place in the mountain where I can find it?
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