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  1. This is not actually for Reborn. I am learning and trying to make my own thing on RPG Maker. I tried to install Z moves https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=393813 This is the one Amethyst had put out. I am using Essentials v17.2. I pasted the graphics and put the crystals in the PBS items file. I replaced the Scripts.rxdata in Data folder. I was able to run it. But the UI seems to be broken. Also, the debug menu was the old version, unsorted like field, player, pokemon options,etc (i don't know if that matters much). And, I'm not sure which forum to put this topic in, sorry about that. I followed Thundaga's video, who was using the same thread and essentials v17.2 as well. But I am getting some bugs. Please help me.
  2. As long as you credit for anything used per any specifics in the Readme, you can borrow whatever you need. While not strictly forbidden, we do advise against reusing maps and characters without any changes, as these might be easily recognizable to players and would break immersion. I'll definitely give the credit. Is this right? Thank you. Once again, these sprites are amazing
  3. Reborn's shinies looks frickin amazing. I am trying to make my own game. Just wanted to ask if I could use the sprites of shinies in my game. I would totally understand if I'm not allowed to use them.
  4. Oh. By the way, out of curiosity, how many downloads does Reborn have approximately?
  5. So what's it about complete release, that attracts Nintendo's attention? Reborn has been there for years. And Uranium as well, why did they take it down at complete release, when most of the game had come out during the previous years?
  6. Sorry for putting it in on the hunt, i didn't know where to post this
  7. Reborn city just got restored and it seems like there are so many new things. What are some nice quests that can be done, some useful items that can be obtained and some rare Pokemon that can be caught or received?( After beating Ciel)
  8. At the final moment when I offer the other guy something and he also offers me, as soon as I press accept, everything goes blank, shows me this error window: Script 'Trade' line 442: NoMethodError occured. undefined method 'visible=' for nil:NilClass and then the game closes. Here's the image: and additional info: Trade has worked for me a few times, I play on Full screen(if that matters) and I don't get any other errors during startup or gameplay
  9. I have never lost these many gym battles. Her first two Pokemon (double battle) are able to wipe out my whole team. The most reliable ones I have are:- Blaziken Alakazam Typhlosion Noivern Krookodile Gengar Nidoking Muk Aggron Slaking Hawlucha Zoroark Even though my Typhlosion is 5 levels above hers, she still seems to be way faster and has higher attack. ( my typhlosion's nature is serious) I can't seem to beat a single Pokemon of hers. Please help me!
  10. I saw a video where you can plug in the data chip into the the healing machine in byxbysion and trigger the event but how many badges do you need for that?
  11. Is there anywhere except 7th street where shards are used?
  12. I went to the hidden parts of the underground railnet with rock smash but all i found was the boyfriend who was stuck, field read out, TMX flash and a whole lot of arons hanging on poles. Where exactly can I find the house key?
  13. I see. Ame's really cool. I am kinda new here what's up with the budew?
  14. Oh ok. Is Amethyst making the game alone?
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