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Pokemon Reborn Development Blog

Pokemon Rejuvenation Development Blog

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  1. This is splendid. 

    But, cass, dev blogs can’t be a mistake – otherwise we would have no inkling of the diaboli ex machina  impossible battles magic squares niceties that you wonderful people are working on.

    And you would have no way to satisfy the Radomus urge (aka “I know what’s in store and you don’t so I’ll cryptically tease at a small bit”)! 
     … at least, I hope I’m not the only one with that kind of impulse. 

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  2. That's a big thing to apologize for... I'm not sure we as a community can forgive you for having spread such falsehoods. Especially since you first hinted that it was something far less consequential, like giving up on the nightclub. 


    (Just in case it weren't clear -- these were antiphrases). 

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  3. I googled it and I found it was a (slightly modded) Dr. Seuss quote. 

    I have no idea whether it's really a random post emanating from too long a Discord chat or there's a puzzle to unravel here... 


    Given Cass's Cinccino, I think we can't exclude the latter. 


  4. This looks absolutely amazing, cass. Thanks a lot for it all, code modifications, code cleanups, and the dev posts (and please, take care of yourself). 

    I’m a math guy, but I like coding (although my stuff is much, much smaller-scale), so your posts make me code vicariously. 

    Just a stupid question: what exactly does the compiler do? Does it gather Pokemon, move, and ability data from .dat/.rxdata files (as I think I understood from your post, which already sounds really not-straightforward)? Does it do something else? 

  5. "do you really want to see me complain about math more?"


    (imo it's not really math, just code someone hadn't cared to optimize)


    Am I the only one who's interested to see what the code looked like before your fixes (in the section "are you sure you're in range")?


    What do you call a "deep bush"? Aren't there some on Route 1?


    Anyway, that looks like an amazing job, cass.

    (also, please don't deprive yourself of sleep for us).

  6. Yay, another post about code and optimization!

    Great (or terrifying?) findings as always! 


    When I saw your announcement on Discord, I thought it rather unbelievable that Essentials could be so broken. 

    But now that I'm reading this post, I found more surprising the fact that creating a new version crashed your computer. 

    What really is in the game?

    What eldritch horror have you unleashed on your players? 



    Apart from Terra, I mean


  7. This sounds like amazing work. I look forward to seeing the end result.

    There's something I'm not sure I understand however, what exactly is the difference between Game and Game-Z?  

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  8. So that's an affine cipher on Pokedex order and move codes as well?

    I'm curious, is it actually sufficiently random?

    Also, did you remember to ban modifier values that aren't coprime to the total number of Pokemon or moves?


  9. All my sympathy for how stupid somebody must have felt when noticing that kind of error. From my very limited experience, these are the worst errors to happen in a program, as they won't keep it from functioning but it may yield unpredictable results... 

    I am also surprised at saying that the AI was better than you: I understood you worked quite a lot on it, how can your program beat you? Has the singularity happened? Has the Reborn AI become sentient? 

    Or maybe you can't keep up with all the calculations/checks it does, and/or you don't access all the information it knows? 


    Also, can I say that with E18.2 and that, I'm terrified of how E19 is going to end me? Or, more accurately, how many times I'm going to lose?   


    I was going to write a long text about who to eliminate for the quote, but I got lazy. Too many possibilities, too many possible recipients (emotional depth is very subjective), and a few people who would be glad to insult each recipient. Fern or Titania to Florinia could work, but they both already lashed out (maybe not in every timeline, though).   

  10. On 1/8/2020 at 12:00 AM, andracass said:

    ooh, okay, I'm all over this one.

    so: basically, each team draws from a certain pool of pokemon. say we've got six pokemon in that pool (and for simplicity, say they're just pokemon a,b,c,d,e, and f) and then those pokemon all have three movesets each. if you're going to fight a team that includes pokemon a, d, and f, you already have 27 different ways to fight that team given the different moveset combinations. on top of that, there are 20 different possible combinations for a three pokemon team of the six pokemon. so, in total, just from this situation alone, there's 540 combinations of teams.


    this calculation is basically a little bit messier for all of the pokemon in the bttrainers file, but there's basically a script that just runs through every combination of pokemon on a team, and then all the different movesets for the pokemon on those teams.

    Now, if you're making three mom teams, the calculation doesn't take too long, but if you're making four mom teams...

    there's, uh, 1,471,429,260 combos.

    and then they all have to get added together.

    takes a while.


    Right. I can see that iterating through combinations of 6 Pokemon among 435 takes a long while... 


    But I don’t think that you actually need this ludicrously huge iteration. You could just say that, given a specific Pokemon (let’s call it Toxapex), the number of possible 6-mon teams is: ( number of possible 6-mon teams without Toxapex) + ( number of allowed sets for Toxapex ) * (number of 5-mon teams without Toxapex). So you could compute the number recursively, in time proportional to the number of Pokemon. 


    Of course, the method is rather crude and would require sophistication if some Pokemon, or (more complicated) movesets were programmed to never appear together. Given how thorough the dev team seems, it looks quite possible. But I think there would be a way to still manage the recursion. 


    BTW, I’m probably missing something but I can’t understand your 200 billion figure for 3-mon teams. Indeed, a rash estimate (taking 2000 sets without restrictions) gives “only” 2000^3=8 billion possible teams. So what is the factor I didn’t take into account? 

  11. My first reaction was: wow, that's really amazing work. I'm dreading it, as I've never really managed well on Battle Towers (although that's more child me speaking, I still managed quite well more lately in the PWT -- I'm realizing now I'm wayy too outmoded).


    My second reaction was: omg, I'm sure one feels so good (well, both good and mildly frustrated) when designing the scripts.


    My latest reaction is: wait, how can the computation of the number of possible teams be so ludicrously long?

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