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  1. Alright, so I am doing the quest 'Classified Information'. I do the nightmare city part, and I go to darchlight cave, but apparently, because I neeeded to restart the quest because I cancelled it at some point, Looker and Anabelle don't shor up. So I go back and take on the quest, but because I was daydreaming, I entered darchlight forest instead of the main entrance of the cave, so I just enter the cave through the hole in the meadow. But now I walk up to the elevator to the entrance, and Anabelle and Looker start talking, but they're of screen, because I entered the cutscene from the wrong way. They finish the dialogue, and that's it. I can't move, can't open the menu, all I can do is autosave, which I accidentally did. Not that it matters, because I already saved in the cave anyway. And even tho I love the game so far, I am not in the mood for playing 90 hours again to get back to this point. So if anyone could help me out here, please do. I put my save file here just in case that helps. LastSave.dat
  2. Hey, I found a way around it, but you need to still have your previous version somewhere on your pc. I opened my save file in version 11 instead of 12, there I could move. I moved out of the way, saved, and quit. Then I opened up v12 and I could continue. Hope you manage as well!
  3. Here's my save file, if that helps. At least I think that's the save file LastSave.dat
  4. So, I just defeated Florin, playing the latest version, and the game starts freezing up. Next thing I know, while talking to Venam, the game says that the script keeps hanging too long and asks if i want to save. But now, when I launch the game, my character is just stuck in place, I can't move, can't talk to Venam, can't open the menu, all I can do is autosave, which would mean the game isn't frozen. Really not in the mood to play the entire game up until this point again, so if anyone can help me out, that'd be awesome.
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