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  1. My name is TommyRequiem#2118 on discord I'll send you another request
  2. I added you on discord, but I dont think you've accepted yet could you walk me through it?
  3. (I apologize for the vagueness) So I was doing that puzzle in the gym where you had to step on the tiles and it teleports you back and the game reset me behind the NPC and I cant get out, worst part is it's saved on that point. This may sound dumb but I tried using an escape rope and I still couldn't get out. If there are any suggestions/help please don't be afraid to offer it I've spent so much time in such an amazing game and I really hope it wouldn't go all to waste. http://prntscr.com/qiqfim <-- heres a link to see where I am, I also attatched the same photo in a file in case the prntscr doesn't work. Thank you, and happy belated new years!
  4. What are you views on wonder trade? Do you think if you could, should it be removed? Why or why not?
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