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  1. Rock and Roll. Here's another music :
  2. Ouch. So it can’t be helped. Then, I’ll try playing with new engine in V13.
  3. I know that. Even in summer, we can wait for V13 just like last year.
  4. No. Comparing with Speed stat, Garchomp is a bit slower than Alolan Ninetales, if that's what you're talking about.
  5. "What if" dialogue for Pokemon Rejuvenation. There's the additional scenario when the player didn't expose Flora when given the chance. Here's the dialogue during conversation with Reina and Huey near the library :

    Reina : If you just realize-

    Huey : Nevermind. I'm bored. Now, I want to play.

    Reina : What about arm wrestling?

    Huey : Sure. Sounds great.

    Reina : I'm starting with "Player".


    The player and Reina went on arm wrestling competition with the player winning against Reina.


    Reina : Aw! I lost!

    Huey : Wow! Such strength! My turn, now. Don't hold back.


    Huey was next. But when the player was told to not hold back, went with full force in order to win the match, causing to break the table, leaving Huey with bruised arm.



    Reina : OH MY GOD!


    Reina : See, Huey! I knew it was a bad idea!

    And you, "Player", you sure went too far with this.

    Huey : OH GOD! You're gonna put me down like a Rapidash with a broken leg!

    Reina : You broke the table. This is several inches of solid wood. How did you even do that?

    Huey : I'd rather die than not be able to eat breakfast with my hand!!

    Reina : Huey, are you OK?



    People are shocked and are gossiping about the player with a compliment.


    Reina : I get it! That's enough!

    Ribombee! Pollen Puff on Huey!


    Reina's Ribombee gives a yellow ball of pollen and gives it to Huey to eat, healing his injuries.


    Huey : Oh, thank god!

    Reina : You're lucky that I have Ribombee capable of also using Pollen Puff.

    Otherwise, you would have been sent to the Hospital of Hope.

    Huey : Yeah, I'm sorry! Maybe we should stop doing that.

    Reina : Glad to hear that.

    ??? : "Player", there you are.


    Someone calls the player, revealing to be Kanon as the original scenario resumes.


    Note : I have news to give all to you. During summer holidays, in every weekends, the "What if" dialogues will be replaced by "What if" musics for Pokemon Rejuvenation in Saturday days and for Pokemon Desolation in Sunday days. I'm sorry to dissapoint all of you who wanted to see the hypothetical dialogues. I hope you enjoyed reading many of them that I made at November 28, 2020 to present day. See you next time and I love all of you, my friends.

  6. "What if" dialogue for Pokemon Reborn. There's the dialogue that contains a choice to reconciliate with Amaria after she gave TM55 - Scald to the player (occurs if the player chose Reshiram Route and the relationship points with Amaria wasn't negative). Here's the dialogue :

    Amaria : Now go.

    I set you free.

    Both you and her.

    And if anything happens to me,

    Know that I will finally be at peace.


    Answer :

    - No. THAT'S WRONG.

    - Sure. That's all I need.


    Choosing "Sure. That's all I need." will be the same as original scenario as Amaria leaves.


    Choosing "No. THAT'S WRONG" :

    Amaria : Huh? Hey, what are you-


    The player hugs Amaria.


    Amaria : Please. Let me go.

    Let me go at once.

    Please... Let... me... go... *sob*.


    Amaria cries with loud voice. By the time passes, she stopped crying and then the memories are starting to surface into her mind.


    Amaria : "Player"... I... I... I...

    I remember everything... I don't know why... But I remember everything...

    Titania... hated me... She... hated... me...

    My heart... is... broken...

    I don't know what to do anymore...

    I'm sorry... so sorry...


    Answer :

    - You have me.

    - You have the others.


    Choosing "You have the others" :

    Amaria : You're right. If you say so, there are many people who cared about me.

    I don't want to lose them, anymore. (Amaria +3)


    Choosing "You have me" :

    Amaria : "Player"? But... But I made you drown.

    Yet, you still forgive me?


    Well, I can't persuade you here, any longer.

    Maybe you're my true hero. (Amaria +4)

    I don't want to antagonize anyone just like I did to Titania.


    Resuming :

    Amaria "Player". I must stay here any longer. I need to calm down for the moment.

    You can leave now. Everyone is waiting for you.

    Save every regions from tyranny. Don't let Team Meteor do as they please.

    See you later.


    The scenario will be different as Amaria is staying here in same position, instead of leaving.


    Note : I feel bad for Amaria. I didn't want her to suffer like that. Yet, it's just a game. There's the sixth rule :

    I don't write the name of the protagonist because the name is determined by people who want to choose the name.

    See you tomorrow.

  7. Another question. About Mystery Egg, is it possible that few Gen 8 Pokemons will be added in here and and those who were in earlier version will remain the same in V13?
  8. There's many intro quotes for the team protagonists of Pokemon Rejuvenation :


    -> Team Confidence :

    First quote :

    Ren : Aevis. It's been a while since we haven't battled together as a team.

    Aevis : Now that you mention it, it's much like we can win this because we have faith in our pokemons.

    Erin : You guys...


    Second quote :

    Ren : Let's team up and win this match.

    Aevis : Yeah. You can say that again.

    Erin : Oh dear. I must have faith in myself to not hold them back. Do any of you hear me? We won't lose.


    -> Team Elegance :

    First quote :

    Aevia : Aelita, let's do this. For our friendship.

    Aelita : Sure. Why not? After all, we are destined to move forward to the victory.

    Alice : Hey. Don't forget about me.


    Second quote :

    Aevia : I don't know what will happen but I won't let anyone hurt my friends.

    Aelita : That's right. Together. You and me. I have no fear.

    Alice : Why do you ignore me? I'm here to support both of you.


    -> Team Bad Boy :

    First quote :

    Huey : Hey. Come on. Bring it.

    *Smack* Ouch.

    Axel : Don't be rash, you idiot.

    Allen : Seems like we have prepared for this.


    Second quote :

    Huey : Yay. That's it. Time for the offensive.

    *Smack* Ouch.

    Axel : You should watch your back. Do you want to be beaten so badly?

    Allen : No time to waste the moment.


    -> Team Girly Alpha :

    First quote :

    Saki : I never thought I would team up with a meanie like you. Yeah, I'm talking about you, Amber.

    Amber : What was that? Don't you dare to call me with that word!

    Ariana : Please! Stop! Why does this keep happening to me?! SUCH MISFORTUNE...


    Second quote :

    Saki : To think you would appear here, Amber. Once we're done with it, I'm gonna kill you.

    Amber : Hey, girl! Watch your mouth!

    Ariana : Calm down! We're about to start pokemon battle! Damn, my rotten luck!


    -> Team Analytic :

    First quote :

    Melia : Venam. Do you need a hand?

    Venam : No, but thanks. I'm already fine.

    Aero : No time left to lose. We must survive this battle, no matter what.


    Second quote :

    Melia : Come on. We're got a lot of things to do.

    Venam : I know. I know. Maybe we can go shopping together.

    Aero : You can, but after the pokemon battle. That's our top priority.


    -> Team High Five :

    First quote :

    Reina : Oh yeah. I'm starting to motivate not only myself, but also my team.

    Alain : Huh... I'm bored. I want to go home.

    Erick : I know that. But we can't back down.


    Second quote :

    Reina : Easy as done. Wanna team up together?

    Alain : Oh, fine. I don't want to miss the opportunity to ruin the fun.

    Erick : Haha... It's hard to think but it's how the world goes. You can't avoid the fate.


    That's all for now. Interesting, isn't it?

    1. Evi Crystal

      Evi Crystal

      This would be kinda hilarious to play, if it were a game like that. I would definitely buy that.


      Also I'm hoping we will say Saki in V13 and how the story between her, Amber and Venam will be going further.

    2. RoyChaos


      I kinda agree, regardless of the outcome.

  9. I don't know about the outcome but I really doubt about that.
  10. Prankster doesn’t work against Rift Gardevoir due to having Dark type, I believe.
  11. Yeah. I was talking about you, Baumina. Anyway, I was wondering for Candy, too.
  12. Thinking about Sonic Heroes made me think about the team protagonists in Pokemon Rejuvenation and it has nothing to do with 3 groups in V13. Here it is :

    -> Team Confidence :





    -> Team Elegance :





    -> Team Bad Boy :





    -> Team Girly Alpha :





    -> Team Analytic :





    -> Team High Five :





    That’s all I think for now. (Don’t get the wrong idea. That’s not the team name of antagonist organization, but of the trainer trio.)

  13. Are you referring to me or to someone else? Well, either way, I hope the beauty Zorua comes here.
  14. You’re wrong. Solid Rock reduces damage from super effective moves by 25%, regardless of the effectiveness multiplier. That means it will do 75% of super effective damage (100%-25%=75%).
  15. You missed the point about Solid Rock. Camerupt will have a 3x weakness to Water type and a 1,5x weakness to Ground type.
  16. Fire/Ground is one of the best defensive type when it comes to Fire type, even if it has 4x weakness to Water type and 2x weakness to Ground type but has immunity to Electric type. Mostly, as long it comes to Primal Groudon, Water types aren’t a threat, anymore. And also, Fire/Ground type is used mostly for the offensive, too.
  17. @Q-Jei. If you want to hear another, here’s mine :
  18. Sounds really weird but suspicious. It's a bit soon for what's gonna happen.
  19. Very clever. That’s right.
  20. Wrong answer. Fire/Grass type has 3 2x super effective weakness.
  21. I’m here. And I don’t mind hearing scary stories. But will Evi Crystal be OK with that?
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