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  1. To point out how much trouble I am having with Titania I have yet to make it past her 2nd pokemon (made it past 3rd with the help of hail). Her team is very bulky and she hits hard thanks to the field effects,and my only useful mons in this battle are Blaziken and Nidoking. Any other Pokemon that I can get that will be useful for this fight? Team: Roserade-Poison Point -Giga Drain -Toxic -Toxic Spikes -Cut Nidoking-Sheer Force -Sludge Wave -Poison Jab -Megahorn -Earth Power Ampharos-Plus -Discharge -Dragon Pulse -Signal Beam -Power Gem Blaziken-Speed Boost -High Jump Kick -Blaze Kick -Brave Bird -Quick Attack Floatzel-Swift Swim -Aqua Tail -Surf -Crunch -Waterfall Mamoswine-Thick Fat -Ice Shard -Ice Fang -Earthquake -Thrash Reserve aka mons that useless rn: Sylveon-Pixilate -Misty Terrain -Moonblast -Swift -Light Screen Archeops-Defeatist -U-turn -Acrobatics -Dragon Claw -Rock Slide Milotic-Competitive Attacks: Aqua Ring Icy Wind Recover Aqua Tail
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