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  1. Well... just opened Game instead of Game-Z and there it shows the badges, apparently. Well, I feel like an idiot, didn't think of opening that one, since a file said that game is for if game-z doesn't work. Well, thanks
  2. It just says "Pokemon Reborn", but the folder is called "Reborn18.4.1".
  3. I'm playing Reborn for the sixth time, and an odd glitch happened. Everything was normal at first, got through the starting parts, defeated Julia, defeated the first Pulse Tangrowth, but when I beat Florinia... My trainer card didn't update to include the new badge. Otherwise everything was normal, I was able to progress in the story, and the level cap raised. The only issue is the trainer card. I've gotten up to the fourth badge, and yet it still hasn't updated. Does anyone know how to fix this?
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