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  1. So I am levelling my phaseshifted Solrock holding a zoom lens (with his low speed and analytic, I figured why not). The zoom lens SHOULD boost my accuracy by 20% if i move last (which I do), meaning 'stone edge' should be at 96% accuracy and 'zen headbutt' at 100+%, but I've been missing A LOT with both against the audino trainer. So much so, that I actually think my accuracy has been DECREASED instead, as on 40 'stone edge' uses, I've missed 15, and on 16 'zen headbutt's i've missed 5 (which should not even be possible with the item working correctly). So either it doesn't work and I am being INCREDIBLY unlucky, or it might even decrease the accuracy instead of increasing it. Is this a known bug, or...?
  2. OKAY! So I solved the problem! Apparently, if you give the magma stone and enter from crawli's gym, the game teleports you to the route 5 cave entrance, triggering the scene with the powder, skipping the venam cutscene (and bugging if you try to go down while the mountain is neutral). Seeing as it bugged me that while I entered from crawli's gym, when I returned I ended up on route 5, blocked by lava. after giving up and getting magma drift and went to buy some more great balls in town. I figured I'd reenter from the gym as it was closer, and LO AND BEHOLD, suddenly a new cutscene with Venam triggered, unlocking the event. TL;DR So for those with the same problem: continue through until you get magma drift, go back to the the gym and enter a 2nd time!
  3. So, I beat groudon and gave the stone to cera, because I didn't want to risk killing my elderly sidekick (by now I now she wouldn't have died, but oh well). I went back to the mansion and talked to Venam and valery who suggested we go see crawli, who then revealed the second entrance, which made Venam made and storm off into valor mountain. I enter to have some dude give me some emotional powder and notifying me of the choice to save amber downstairs or not. I know that saving amber is optional, and you have to do it 2 floors down (turn the mountain to ice and then you can reach it). But when I read the inscription in the kyogre room, nothing happens . No prompt asking me if i want to stand in the middle, nothing. Do I first need to face Geara? although I am afraid to continue, as i've read somewhere that you can't do the event if you pass the wall or something. Please help! PS: I've read things about 'talking to venam in the mountain' but she is nowhere to be found.
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