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  1. Trade IS: NJUT But it's the first time I trade online, should I request a trade or wait for request ? Yes I'd better trade 5 all
  2. Yes I think so, for the moment 3 of them don't work..
  3. I'm available ! Let me know if it's ok for you
  4. I freed the pokemons in episode 15, I double-checked and the meeting location is 7th street so they actually are the trainers' ones.. (except vanillite, frol spinel town, don't remember why...) I can't go online right now but I'll let you know asap ! Thanks for the help
  5. I still got all the pokemons, started the quest with dj arclight but impossible to give them back to the trainers ("not able")...I don't understand why, help !
  6. The best, you are the best. Thank you so much !!!
  7. Hello Njab, Thank you so much...could you fix it in my new save file as well ? (I played a lot since then ) (By the way I have a huge problem I'm stuck in the water treatment area because I went back to heal my pokes, any idea how I can fix it ?) Game.rxdata
  8. Hello ! Exactly the same problem here, lost it through trading mothim... Could you help me ? Game.rxdata
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