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  1. Yes! Thank you both for helping. I really appreciate it.
  2. I'm sorry to waste your time again, but the original problem still hasn't been fixed. If you can't fix it without a lot of trouble, I'll just start again. Still stuck.
  3. Thanks for the help! I'm really sorry to bother you again, but you seem to have sent me the wrong file. My file has Alice, the character is called Leaf, I have about 80ish hours and my team consists of Delphox, Meowstic (f) Sharpedo, Pelipper, Mightyena, Ampharos. You sent me a file with someone named Anton, Vero, 95ish hours and a Staravia. Can you please resend the file, thanks. Again, really, really, really sorry to bother you again.
  4. Okay, sorry, I was massively confused. Sorry to waste your time. This should be it, as this was one of the others. I hope this one works! Game.rxdata
  5. I am a complete idiot and accidentally saved when someone was talking to me in a house in Jasper ward. I was on Adrienne's quest where we have to look for people. The script was too slow, and it asked me if I would like to save, and me being naive, I saved. This has happened before but I joined the site this time because I had eighty hours- almost 81 and if I have to restart, I will scream so loudly. So please, save meeeee. I will be forever in your debt. Please and thank you. 4016 - Leaf - 82h 27m - 13 badges.rxdata
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