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  1. So let me preface this with an apology if this isnt welcome here due to the usage of the available mods. I am about 3 days into my newest playthrough, trying to do a shiny-only main team. I've had good success so far, with a lot - like really lots - of soft resets. Didnt need to use debug menu for anything except the game corner coins, but I like some mods like the EV overflow and the weather change and the auto-hook fishing ones. I reached the mystery egg event and was really lucky to find that I was getting a Togepi. Since the pokemon from the egg is usually amazing,
  2. Is there anything I can do about the improper spacing in the emerald font? Like the different words are a little too close for me...
  3. As the title says, been having trouble since I updated to 18.4.1 last night. I start Game-z.exe without any trouble but the second I try to change the window size or max number of backup saves, the font turned to Arial again. And like bold Arial without proper spacing. This really made it difficult to read and was aesthetically horrible so I checked around. Reinstalled the fonts, played the game as an admin, reinstalled the whole game - only to get the basic Emerald font working and the others being Arial now. My preferred font is FRLG, so this still doesnt look good to me. An
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