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  1. stuck on a bulding in dream city, can you please unstuck me game.rxdata
  2. Tried talking to madame x in the room with the real time crystal, the screen went black and i can't continue playing now. Can someone please unstuck me game.rxdata
  3. Went to the room with the true time crystal, tried to talk to madame x and than the game got stuck game.rxdata
  4. after i lost a battle in the castle the screen went black' the music is still playing but the screen is completly black
  5. i got the black screen when i used teleport when the game froze to me after i got out of the train with altia Game.rxdata
  6. i was getting to the train with alitia and after we got offf the game froze and when i tried to use teleport it happened
  7. im just getting a black screen please help Game.rxdata
  8. got stuckin the building when tried to use teleport
  9. the game froze after taking the train
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