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  1. IMPE

    E17 Jigglypuff

    Thank you for the answer, i just found it. It was hiding
  2. IMPE

    E17 Jigglypuff

    I don't think i have it anymore, don't know why. Is there any way i can obtain it newly in game event or the only way is with a trade??
  3. IMPE

    Ciao a tutti!

    thank you all for the warm welcome! See you in Reborn Showdown!
  4. IMPE

    Ciao a tutti!

    Thank you guys, I'm already enjoying my stay at reborn! thank you all you're very kind! P.S. sport is important
  5. Hello guys! I'm not a new player of reborn, although I am new on this forum... I am italian, so i decided starting the topic with an italian greeting. I live near Milan and I speak english, german spanish and a bit of french because I study in a language college.. I love animes and mangas like Hunter x Hunter, Naruto and One piece, play basketball and sometimes football. Obviously, I'm here because i love Pokemon too! My favourite one is Charizard, but i love all dragon-type ones, and first gen. in general. I thank you for this massive work you're doing, now i am addicted to this game and can't afford to wait to the next episode!!
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