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  1. I'll make sure to refuse all his demands this time. I didn't the first time around. No wonder I couldn't go into that one lady's room. Thanks for the info!
  2. Uhm, I would've replied in the locked thread... but it was locked. Someone commented (I think it was Hypa if I remember correctly) about getting a 'shiny charm later on in the game'. What is that? Is that an actual in-game item?
  3. Avarice


    Welcome to the Reborn Forums, Kyle! I used to play like that, too. Especially on the official Pokemon games. And then I played this version. /).(\ Oh I didn't know you could earn forum currency from posting. Well, you learn something new every time. why not Anyways, nice to meet you and hope to see you around~
  4. I've decided to color it orange. ._. ...Or maybe gold? :o

  5. Ack!! It's Kyubei! OH NOES! /).(\ Hehe~ Welcome to the Reborn Forums! No worries, we've all been there with the need to reset a few times before getting it done right. Nice to meet you and hope to see you around!
  6. Ooooh! PIZZA!!! *gives you a WELCOME pizza instead of a cake* Welcome to the Reborn forums! It took me a while to register too. See you around!
  7. Welcome to Reborn! Ehhhhh~ So not okay! T3RR4'5 M1N3!!! >.< Gosh 1337 speak is triggering my compulsive habit to fix it. Anyways! Welcome again to Reborn! Glad to see you enjoy it!
  8. Oh that's why my friend got a different Pokemon while I got Claydol.
  9. So... are Dusk Balls available anywhere to buy in bulk Episode 15 or not? I've only found two of them from random places. (Pokemon Reborn Hardcore? o.o Where do you get that?) Never mind I found the mod link somewhere.
  10. Dodging all those HRNGH people in HRNGH Subseven Sanctum Labyrinth. HRNGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. It's making me want to flip tables left and right. Me: Subseven Sanctum Labyrinth: :Kappa: Me: :feelsgn:
  11. Yeah that was the first time I found Teddiursa, before I defeated Julia. I was just like meh do it later.
  12. Woah I've been playing Pokemon Reborn a while. o_o

  13. Ohhhh. So that's where I'm supposed to go. My only guide was the guy in Grand Hall but I guess he doesn't tell you where to go for the story. Hehehe~ I may have skipped some important dialogue (as this is my second playthrough). Yes I have. Problem solved! Thank you!
  14. Avarice

    Dark Pokemon

    Mightyena is a great start. Then there's a bit later Honchkrow! That speed~
  15. Uh okay. So I'm supposed to go to Iola Valley and I know where to go, it's just... there's this Team Meteor person blocking my way. Am I supposed to do something beforehand to get rid of him/her?
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