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  1. Pretty excited for this, being my first time here. I'll do my best, and am down to fight if needed!
  2. Your Forum Name: Zechs Your Server Name: ZechsR The Year You Joined Reborn: 2015 Your Favorite Type: Ice Your Least Favorite Type: Normal/Fire/Fighting/Water/Flying/Grass/Poison/Electric/Ground/Psychic/Rock/Bug/Dragon/Ghost/Dark/Steel/Fairy Did you participate in the first installment of PokeNations?: No General Availability: Mon-Fri 3PM-10PM PST
  3. (Setsuna, Monika, Lane, Gen.) "Seems like those cards are pretty troublesome." Dominic muttered, taking a bite of his food. "They add more to this already pretty jacked up scenario we've gotten into." Remembering the vision he saw, Dominic paused, trying to forget it as best he could, but he could only suppress it. Snapping back, he continued, but slammed his fist down before doing so, "However! If these messed up cards are a step forward, we're gonna have to trudge through the visions to find out why!" "I honestly have no idea what Izanami Lore is, and the name itself confused me to the extreme when I saw it, but if you're all set on finding out, then you can count me in as well." Dominic declared, pointing to the extreme skies. "And no Ice Queen shall stop me!" Hearing his name, Dominic snapped his vision on Gen, and smiled, "And are you gonna help?!" Dominic shouted, pointing at him, and glaring vehemently.
  4. (Setsuna, Lane, Monika.) "Hah! Will do!" Dominic sat down on the space Setsuna made, taking off his bag and setting on the ground next to his legs. "And, no worries about leaving. I'm just extremely glad we made it through all that." Listening in slightly as to what they were talking about as he adjusted himself, keywords rang in his head upon hearing them. "Headaches and visions, huh? I can strangely relate.." Unzipping the bag next to him, he looked inside for a few small things to eat while talking with the others, as he did so, something Setsuna said caused him to slightly freeze, "Gah.." Dominic grimaced at the name 'Ice Queen', knowing full well who Setsuna meant. Pulling himself up, Dominic shuddered slightly at the events that happened the other day. "I know I have.." Dominic replied, albeit under his breath.
  5. (The garden group.) Dominic walked through the halls, waiting to find a place to sit down and eat. He could barely think of anything other than that gruesome imagery, but he couldn't forget the garden, and realized that would be a place he could certainly clear these extremely disturbing images. "Just why did I see that.." Dominic questioned himself, hurrying his pace along toward the entrance. Upon entering, the scent of the surrounding flowers cleared his thoughts down a bit, and his next task was to find a place to sit down. Only a few steps from the door, Dominic decided to throw a punch, and a wide grin played its way across his face. The stance, punch, and ending form all felt right, he seemed to have recovered from the incident from the other day, only now by visiting the garden. Looking over, he spotted Setsuna, and two other students he recognized from his class. With a wave he approached the group, never minding the serious atmosphere they seemed to have created. "Voi!" Dominic shouted, stopping short to rub the side of his head to try and clear out what he saw completely, "What's going on with you guys? Something extreme?"
  6. Yeesh, even though I can post freely, I am not sure what to do, or how. A lot has happened. ^.^'
  7. Dominic probably would've kept this pace up, hadn't it been for an extreme headache. His thoughts on what happened yesterday washed away with waves of blue flames that engulfed Heartland, the screams of the people struck fear into his fiery soul, he had no choice but to watch as he was powerless to do anything else. He could watch, and listen. Eventually, the horror stopped, and Dominic barely kept his stance. He grasped his forehead trying to even comprehend what just happened. He looked around the room to see everything.. Normal, although rather quiet. A million questions all blurred into one in his mind, "What.." Dominic stood there kind of off balance, his head was pounding and for awhile was the only thing he could hear, but things in his mind calmed down and gained his senses back. "Guh.. Food, right.." Walking toward the door he couldn't even begin to throw what he had seen out of his mind, and he started slamming his head with his fist a bit as he started walking. "Just what.. Was that.. Just what the heck was that?!"
  8. Dominic darted up when he heard the bell ring, the last couple of minutes of class he was caught up trying to remembering the events of yesterday, while also getting over the fact that he nearly faced death. "Well.." Raising his arms up to stretch, he let out an audible across the room: "To the EXTREME!!" Grabbing his bag and hanging it over his shoulder, he walked away and at first headed for the door, extremely hungry. His body still felt weird after what happened to him, and each time he threw a punch it seemed off, and each throw reminded him of how hopeless he became in that one second. "Am I really so weak..?" He became oblivious to things around him, and he just fell into a trance of punches while still in the classroom. "If Setsuna hadn't been there I.. I would've.." His punches were wrong, and for each incorrect punch, he threw another to see if that one could be better, but each came out failed, which irked him, so he threw more and more in a vicious cycle.
  9. Oh- Seems a lot has happened. Sorry, guys. Today was the start of me and my family's vacation at the beach, so, posting may be hindered a bit. I'll be sure to post, tho.
  10. (Setsuna/Important Action.) The blue light was the last thing Dominic saw, flinching a bit with his boxing stance half-way completed and frozen in place. Then black. His entire body stopped, his once fiery passion in his soul had ceased in the second the masked girl had decided it to. The block of ice he was cased in was thawing as Setsuna rolled it, the ground breaking bits and pieces as it went along. The slamming of the rock started to crack the ice around his face and chest, and the area around his legs were following behind at a slower pace. The block started to break faster the more it sat in the sun and the hits it constantly took. His arm eventually came free, but fell limp to the ground, his legs doing the same. Further melting and breaking continued, his face and chest free, and his breathing eventually resumed. His body was halfway freed in scattered locations due to Setsuna's wild hitting, with his arms and parts of his legs still incased, but most of his core was freed and he was slowly gaining consciousness. Dominic's eyes kept shut, but he could hear someone's voice echo in his mind, it was Setsuna's and he was sure of it. "Crying? Why? What, am I doing..? What am I.. Doing?!" The frequent pounds on the ice helped him regain the flames inside of him, albeit rather small for the time being. As he entered full consciousness, the feeling of cold washed over him as his body picked up its functions. Slowly opening his eyes, the first thing he focused on was Setsuna, second was the rock she held and about to slam down. "H-HOLD IT!"
  11. Can the fiery passion of Dominic be enough to thaw him out?! N-.. No? .. Mmkay.. But yeesh, fiery to icy just like that. Just goes to show Dominic never to be calm again. <~<
  12. Huh. Haven't been checking this topic for awhile. .. I wonder what I've missed. .-.
  13. (Setsuna/Important Action.) "Huh-?!" Dominic swiftly fell into a defensive boxing stance, but after no action was taken by the girl other than putting on a mask, he adopted a neutral pose before speaking "Now, now, we just wanted to help somehow. You were shaking, after all." Stepping back, he placed his hand on his chest to calm his breathing before continuing, "My name is Dominic, and she's Setsuna. We don't know who you are, or your face, I can assure you." Exhaling with a sigh of relief, he hoped that relaxing himself would give her a sense of peace. "We came here in search of someone, but instead we found you. I'm uh.. Sorry for our disturbance, then." Dominic apologized, giving a slight bow afterwards, his heartbeat finally settling.
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