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  1. v8 snippets

    So now that we're back in business, I have some stuff to show you guys. Keep in mind that since this version is meant to tie everything together,

    this might take like, way longer than the last one. Not only do I have to do story stuff, I also have to include the victory road, gym leader, and elite 4 and champion. It may seem daunting but we'll make it work! Now, on to the screenshots!






    So you may have noticed that I took inspiration from Grand Dream City from Rejuvenation. So you'll know that this city is going to be big but

    not as big as Grand Dream City. This is the city that I've teased throughout the game. Many people have mixed feelings towards this particular city. Some think it's miserable. Others think it's an amazing city. But if there's one thing people can agree on, the city is quite big. This

    is only one part of the city I'll show. The other parts of the city are spoilers so I can't show that.




    The infamous Tree Of Life finally makes an appearance! I won't lie. I'm actually excited to show this because I've hinted at this for so long and it's all coming together! Very nicely might I add. This is where the Mew siblings were born and the place where they saved the world.

    The Tree Of Life is known to be "the backup generator of the world". If both Xerneas and the tree were to fall, nature would wither away and you'd be left with no oxygen. Yveltal attempted to take the world for itself but failed and now guards the tree alongside Xerneas as punishment. 


    So there you have it! That's all I have for now. Tune in next time for more maps. This is it! Slowly but surely, the end is near. I just have to keep pushing!  

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