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  1. vArachno

    Elite 4

    Beat the elite 4 for the first time today got to say it was not that difficult and was pretty lackluster considering it took me 100x longer to do victory road then it did to actually beat the last few battles of the main game. on that point though having to go and collect the gems for the last part of victory road was super unfun and took way longer then it needed too it made it seem like they were just trying to drag out the story by making you do more work to get to the elite 4. But the game was super good apart from victory road and looking forward to the post game. Team for anyone interested:
  2. Didn't know if I should even post this or if I would get replied to or not but oh well. Tesla / Magnezone - Analytic - Modest - Flash Cannon - Thunderbolt - Tri Attack - Zap Cannon - Choice Specs Vera / Gardevoir - Trace - Modest - Physic - Moonblast - Calm Mind - Magical Leaf - Didn't know what item to use so I just put on a twisted spoon. Artemisia / Aegislash - Stance Change ofc - Adamant - Shadow Claw - Kings Shield - Sacred Sword - Iron Head - No idea what item to use? Helios / Blaziken - Speed Boost - Adamant - Flame Blitz - Blaze Kick- High Jump Kick - Brave Bird - Life Orb Ganon / Mamoswine - Thick Fat - Adamant - Earthquake - Freeze-Dry - Icicle Crash - Rock Slide - Life Orb Cynthia / Garchomp - Rough Skin - Adamant - Earthquake - Outrage - Crunch - Stone Edge - Choice Band My experience with this team is that the coverage against fire types is really bad, so I just try and brute force it or advantage myself with the pokemon's second type. But anyway as the title asks is this team good? or any suggestions for replacements. Thanks!
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