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  1. So after our battle shelly wants to go to a date and she takes us to the hospital… yea thats wierd but unless we help some kids escape and tier doctor is not happy do he wants to zap us but we say MUDA and sweep with leavanny plus galvantula sticky web. Charlotte has pokemons like double the level of shade but we need to challenge him so he can to some mechanic stuff and help us escape.LOGIC. But of we go to the underground of the city and we caught skorupi and i have question for ya can i use drapion ? for rules no because its not bug type but bug type specialist used it and his pre evo is a bug so if you want write your opinion but for now shade TEAM Ariados -sucker pouch -sword dance -protect -shadow sneak Beedrill Pin missile -poison jab -toxic spikes -endevor Ganvantula -signal beam -electro web -thunder wave -sticky web Butterfree -sleep powder -bug buzz -psybeam -protect Dustox -venoshock -toxic -moonlight -potect Wormadam -quiver dance -struggle bug -protect -mirror shot THIS FIGHT TOOK ME 30 ATTEMPTS why ? i dont know shade has stact team items and movesets this was hell for me battle start with sword dance ariados killing his gengar and delmise doublede is counter by attract wormadam rotom is pain in the a$$ just from the fact that he has leftovers and pain split but galvantula can take him out with some luck bannet is slept by butterfree and taken out with bug buzzes ad mimikyu is toxic stall by the rest of the team. This chapter was quick but hard this i'm sorry that it took me so long to beat shade i will try to keep up with releasing this but i'm not sure if this is gonna work so yea se yaa
  2. Hi so its the 3 part of the bug monotype in pokemon reborn so lest just do it Off we go to the jasper ward and after heater has her daddy issues we can go and couch some new mons like -beedrill -scatterbug -paras -sewaddle But only sewaddle is going to join the team (at leat for now) after we give her a haircut 2 times and give her a bell. She likes us and evolves twice. Leavanny has really good attack and speed so we are going to use her for now. We also get the nincada get so ninjask and shedinja are going to join the team not now but I'm pretty sure they will in the near future. Now lest get to the battle with taka this men has 3 mons one of them is a pulse Tangrowth and we need to take care of it so first is execute leavanny sends this to another world with 4X super effective bug bite chattot is next and we swich to joltic but chatter confuses us and joltick hit itself so we send out the best pokemon ever know to a menkind wormadam we set up 2 quider danses and take out chattot last is Tangrowth so i just trow our mons at it until he's in the red then taka heals so i go to the best strategy of all time fury cutter spam we won but we have the bearly alive kricketot and leavanny alive. After this battle we go to beryl we get out of the cage and then find the rest of the officers then we go back to get out good girl growlithe and breed her with male lilipup so we can trade this egg for the mystery egg which one of them is larvesta and its 100% guaranteed because i wrote the password bug in the start of the game. But for now we have the bad guys to beat. Ace starts with zorua which looks like pulse Tangrowth so leavanny just takes it out with bug bite. Next is brixen so masquerain is needed after 3 buble beams and a speed drop we won 1v1 but we are low and in fire spin roselia is next but we switch to warm adam and set up to +3 then after a leech seed we take out the roselia, boltoy and do the huge damage the Tangrowth then ace uses super potion then growth and we are pretty much dead but joltik paralized it and then we use the rest of the team to take it out thank god for joltik and his fast thunder wave. After the corey is corner by the police (im so funny i know) he runs of and we have to fight him and its for me like a gym battle bu not really so i just tell you about this battle and then update this post when i do the other battles. So lets talk about his team the real problems are skuntank and crobat to this point poison powder and venoshock was a good strategy until now when we cant use it so we have to brute force the way thru or set up with wormadam and sweep. Oh did i mention he is the poison type user? So he resist bug type moves? Yea this is first real challenge. A couple tries later and i have to say this is hard even on plus 6 wormadam has probably post too much accuracy with smokescreen from skrelp and take to much damage with marienie and substitute so we don't take out mareanie, skelp and crobat but next is skuntank and we miss and he just rost us with 4x effective flameflower we tried to do the rest of the fight but we just lose to his croagunk in the end so we need to swap some mons and level them up to level 30. So battle starts like the last we wormadam takes out marienie skrelp and crobat falls to skuntank we send out jolic to paralized it and do some damage before he dies so we send out masquerain to finish it of and the battle is as good as won nidorina and croagunk cant take butterfree psybeam and we won. After some not family fredly history we go to the grand stairs and nothing happens here except oh just the door that god created nothing important but we have the battle with alster and eklipse AND battle with victoria and fern but this is easy compere to next chanlange cal who has a fire type team with torkoal, houndoom, magmortar and two middle stage fire type starters this is not going to me fun. I will give my best the battle start and the drouth torkoal set up sun we start with sticky web ganvantula and set up sticky web to slow down his mons we faint but the masqrain has the best move in the game WATER SPORT no i'm serious this move lowers power of the fire type moves by 50% so we cancel out sun power bust magmortar is taken out by the masqiarn and beedrill but the rest is swept by charmelion so i need new team we add the butterfree and venomoth to the team beacose the sleep powder is pog and we give it another try So the battle starts the same we set up sticky web masqurain takes out torkoal but we let beedrill done enough damage to take out magmortar but fainting in the process now its houndoom vs masqurain so we set u another water sport and do some damage with silver wind so venomoth can take yout houndoom with signal beam and then after some butterfree sleep powder action we win but man that was hard this will be a masaker if this was like double battle and everything was on fire hehehehehe help me please moving on we have the shelly(best gril) to deafed. THE TEAM Shedinja -night slash -mud slap -shadow ball -shadow sneak Galvantula -signal beam -thunder wave -electroweb -sticky web Beedrill -twineedle -poison jab -toxic spikes -assurance Masquerain (intimidate) -bublebeam -air cutter -water sport -silver wind Parasect (dry skin) -spore -stun spore -slash -fury attack Wamadam -quiver dance -mirror shot -substitute So we start with shedinja and ganvanturla we take out the masquerain and she send out the anorith we switch shedinja to warn adam and after same confusion and rock slide stuff we take out the anorith but our galvantula goes down and we have to sent masquerain we do massive damage to yanmega and illumise goes down so she sent out volbeat after both our monst faint we sent out beedrill and parasect to take out the yanmega and put to sleep volbeat after yanmega goes down the battle is as good as won because the rest of her team cant hit shedinja And we won so this was hard chapter and its not going to be easier so
  3. So after some bridge acion we uncock the east side of the city we go to slums to find some girl but victoria says we should battle so why not?She sents out ralts and i sent out dustox i sent ralts in to another dimension with venoshock next was pichu that after 3 venoshocks also goes down her ace torracat is out and i didnt have surskit so i switch in to joltic and paralized it while he used bulk up then after a electro web my little bug meets his demise and goes down so i sent pinecko who uses the explosion after torracat was paralizded last for her was pancham but he does not stand a chanse agients the rest of my team and we win :D After we exit the slums we go to obisia take the surski out of the box and meet this blue hair girl she looks weak and there is no way that shes one of the strongest gym leaders anyway she wants to help this poplio and then Next is everybody favotite gay cain comes to save the day. He send his alolan grimer to help poplio and cautches it and then he chanllange us to a battle first is alolan grimer vs surskit i swich out to a joltick while grimer uses bite after 3 electro webs he goes down and cain send out cubon this pice of shit will evolve in to alolan marowak which is a fire type and thats not good for us but for now surskit takes it out with a bublebeamnext is poplio and we send out jotick after electro web we take icy wind then aqua yet ad jolic is dead but surskit finishs this of with quick atack last is nidorino so swich to dustox and two psybeams is enouth to take him out. We go for a walk in a park but there are the metors grounts there so we trash trahs them. Oh crap i forgot to tell you about the pokemon i couch here is a list of them -venonat -AND THE REST OF NOBODY In this secion there is no other mon other that the venonat so yea moving on. This is the first pulse battle so lets se how this went we start with surskit and after 2 qa surskit goes down so we send butterfree and after 3 turns silver wind is enouth to beat it the best atack he had on butterfree was acid spray so yae we didnt really have much problem. So we go to next gym but fern things hes cool (hes not) and block us after a few battles we need to fight him but i just sweep him with fury cutter from kricketot so the gym is a grass type one mixed with sand stategy so lets see what we can do TEAM Joltic -bug bite -electro web -absorb -thunder wave Trash warmadam -hiden power -quider dance -bug bite -Confusion Kricketot -fury cutter -absorb -strugle bug -sing Butterfree -sleep powder -silver wind -gust - psybeam Ariados -sword dance -shadow sneak -poison sting -night shade Dustox -venoshock -poison powder -moonlight -psybeam The battle starts with me leading joltic and paralizing her maraktus the i swich to a warmadam and start seting up to plus3 while she swich o her ferroseed he cant do much and 3 hiden powers are enouth the the vradili comes out and im not stong enought to beat it so i just did some deamage and lest warmadam faint i sned out jolic and use thunder wave then die to a smach down i send out butterfree and use the silver wind AND GET OMNI BOST BABYYYYY The rest of her team is a joke to butterfree we gust frorinia in to a dictorcian world and we get the second badge. that was chapter 2 so see all when i beat the best grill in this game(shelly) So bey bey for now
  4. Hellow today i started doing a monotype bug chanllange so lest get to it. RULES: only bug types in battle. i can catch other mons for egg moves and battles like solaris ( you need to beat him to get true ending and im going for it). no items in battle only held items are allow. THE RUN. JULIA: so there is not a bug type started (sad) so i pick squirtle beacose surskit gets hypro pump as a egg move. i catch every bug that was available and i tried to make the best team for first team meteor fights and the team was -butterfree -dustox -kricketune -pineco -surskit -beautifly when i started this chanllange i knew this is not going to be easy but as a alpha male that love bug types on my side was one thing: early evolucion. But my bugs where going to get outoffens pretty fast by pretty much every thing but i was lucky enough to get from one of the buildings joltick (you can get it or grubbin so i was lucky beacose ganvantulea is pretty pog) so when this mf is going to evolve he is going to be sticy web lead but for now hes on the bench chilling with burmy and spinarak in the box (i have 2 burmy one male one female. the female one is going to be key to julia strategy). So i and jerk also know as fern beat out the crap of them and oh? why i didnt tell you about the fern fight? This game has a lot of battles and im not gonna just tell you about every one of them if they where not difficult or anything im not going to tell you that i jest sweep him with kricketune oh i did it... welp moving on after beating aster and eclipse and doing some side quests we are going to beat the crap out of julia so heres the team that i used trash form wormadam -protect -quiver dance -bug bite -hiden power dustox -moonlight -confusion -poison powder -venoshock kricketune -struggle bug -absorb -sing -fury cutter butterfree -silver wind -sleep powder -psybeam -gust joltick -absorb -electro web -thunder wave -bug bite pinecko -take down -rapid spin -self destruct -bug bite what i did in this fight? Well set up to plus 6 speed special atack and special defens with wormadam and sweeep. Julia is the first gym leader so i didnt relly thing this was going to be a problem but so it goes this was first secion and im going to edit this when i beat flobot (florinia) so bey bey for now
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