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  1. I had lost the battle to madame X in Eclysia Skyview after the ground gym. i forgot to save after the gym fight and therefore did not want to reset again. after losing to madam x i respawned as adam and tried the battle with delphox against the ??? ??? and i lost again (yes i am bad at battling lmao) before trying out the battle i did save in the space ship (which was after i lost to madam x) so i resetted now when ever i open rejuv the game shows this message and closes itself. I need help obviously i dont want to restart the WHOLE game. please help me.... [Rejuv 13.0.4] Exception: NoMethodError Message: undefined method `width' for nil:NilClass PokemonLoad:310:in `pbSetParty' PokemonLoad:507:in `pbStartLoadScreen' Scene_Intro:106:in `closeSplash' PBEvent:54:in `call' PBEvent:54:in `block in trigger' PBEvent:49:in `each' PBEvent:49:in `trigger' EventScene:708:in `update' EventScene:612:in `main' Scene_Intro:179:in `main' Regards. ApokeFAN
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