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  1. Oops perhaps I didn't word it correctly, I finished the too without having to replay the whole game. I did indeed later on read that it is better to do since you're gonna be missing context. Which I'm happy for since it is what I accidentally did lol.
  2. Checked the save, it is exactly what I needed. Thanks a ton <3
  3. Yeah I would really appreciate that, thanks :) No worries on available pokemon, I can grind a bit to remake my team. The first save you mentioned fits what I'm looking for.
  4. I restarted my save once E19 was released, and went in blind. I loved it, but as you can guess with going in blind, I got the I loved this game but I messed up too many choices and do not have the heart to replay it from 0 all over again. If anyone could provide or link to a save at the beginning of post-game, with the I would love them forever. Thanks :)
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