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  1. thanks both of you, worked a treat :))
  2. the guy at the stairs now keeps saying that "maybe if you ask around someone might have a lead" is there someone else i need to talk to?
  3. Hi there - trying to find squirtle having completed restoration. Talked to the guy at the top of the stairs in the wasteland building a while ago when it was raining and kinda skipped through the dialouge, and then tried to tauros glitch over into the wasteland but realised i needed to first complete restoration for the restoration unit to glitch out. Now having done that, i went back to get squirtle and beldum (it is raining) only to find that squirtle is not at the pool where ive seen it before. I was able to find beldum just fine but reverted to a previous save as the wiki says I cant do squirtle ever again if I catch beldum first as doing beldum shuts off the tauros glitch:( any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated:)
  4. NEVERMIND sorry for all the hassle with this - I was able to find the very helpful thread going into mac save files and how to find them despite them being hidden, and thanks to the earlier post here linking the other thread was able to recover a previous save. thanks for the help and apologies for all the posts!
  5. oh and this is me not being able to find the file anywhere on my mac lol - must admit has me properly baffled
  6. for clarity - this is the zip file i downloaded the game from, and when trying it again i can confirm that it just downloads a game application without a full folder and there is no game data file although im 100% sure this is just me being oblivious/ignorant/incompetent lol
  7. Ah amazing although I must admit I am completely stumped on how to find my savefile which is concerning me both for how on earth anyone is supposed to help but also on how im supposed to update the game. Im sure im just being dumb but regardless any help would be massively appreciated! :) I looked at the step by step guide on finding the save file - im playing on mac and i downloaded the game from the google drive link and it didnt come in a folder, just an application. when i go in finder and right click on the pokemon reborn application i can "open package" and view a bunch of the game data files but not the savefile, and ive searched throughout my mac for the gamedata file mentioned in the thread and havent found anything. have attached screenshots of the process.
  8. hi there - i just recently downloaded pokemon reborn a week ago and have been absolutely loving it, put in about 80 hours! really annoyingly, after spending a couple days before getting locked out of the rest of the map for the agate circus arc, I was trying to hit x to speed through the part where cain walks you to the sleeping people and terra appears to whack everyone away and accidentally hit D and clicked yes to save mid-scene and now im stuck!!! reset a bunch of times and nothing has changed, im just stuck next to cain in agate circus. Would be super upset if all this went for nothing so please please do help me if you can!
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