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Beating Sirius In Belrose House

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Hi, so I can't beat Sirius in the Belrose House. After you beat the two doctors. 

This is my team. I'm especially stuck on the Tyrantrum.


Ampharos: Confuse ray, Thunder Wave, Light Screen and Discharge.

Blaziken: Brave Bird, Blaze Kick, Fire Pledge and Strength.

Musharna: Calm Mind, Hypnosis, Psychic and Zen Headbutt.

Drifblim: Cut, Payback, Shadow Ball and Hex

Gogoat: Rock Smash, Aerial Ace, Bulldoze and Seed Bomb

Seaking: Waterfall, Soak, Aqua Eing and Horndrill


Annd... nearly all my attacks miss.




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I suggest you paying a visit to the move relearner. Her missing key is somewhere in the Undergroung Railnet.


There, teach your pokemons some good moves. I don't have everything in mind but I suggest you at least the following:

  • High Jump Kick and Bulk Up to Blaziken
  • Horn Leech, Bulk Up and Earthquake to Gogoat
  • Megahorn to Seaking

If you need more heart scales, there are Luvdiscs in the Lake.


Good luck!

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Against his Minior, Ampharos and Seaking should work. Ampharos' Light Screen with a Light Clay could help too.

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