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  1. Here's my team (I 'm new and I don't know where to find any good Pokemon so I'm stuck with the scraps): -Teddiursa lv. 25 -Noibat lv. 25 -Grotle lv. 26 -Kricketune lv. 28 -Stunky lv. 28 -Minun lv. 21 (I only used it once, and that was to get past Taka's stupid Chatot the first time, and it only BARELY worked) Is there a way to somehow beat these 2 with this terrible team or am I going to have to rethink this? I'm kind of new to reborn (I've only been playing for 2ish days irl) and this is my first playthrough so I have no idea where I could find any good TMs, and the Pokemon in my team aren't premeditated at all and are based solely on availability. What should I do to win this impossible battle? I barely got past Taka the first time (I got completely ruined by his overpowered Chatot and it took me 7 tries to beat him, and that was only after I got lucky and managed to take his Chatot out with a completely untrained Minun.) Can someone help me please?
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