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  1. So, I've been exploring this place for a while trying to find the TM fling and I've found everything but it. I've caught a sneasel, a totodile, Lapras, Corey's Skuntank, TM Roar, etc... but I can't find the Fling TM! I've also come across a few areas that seem like where I need to proceed, but I'm not sure how. Attached is one area I'm not sure how to get to above and to the left of the pc.
  2. Nah I have charcoal, I'm going for the plate specifically.
  3. I can get you kabuto and anorith eggs, don't really care about any pokemon but if you have the flame plate I'd like that. When are you available?
  4. Nah the misdreavus doesn't count imo.
  5. Toying around with the idea of making a sort of revenge team of pokemon whose original trainers were killed or had their lives ruined by team meteor. So far I have Corey's Croagunk and Nidorina, Ame's Absol, and the police officers Growlithe. Are there any more of Corey's pokemon obtainable, or good candidates I'm currently overlooking?
  6. Resolved Vendor: Any Requested Item : Dragon Scale Item : Dragon Scale If you'd like I'd appreciate it if you have it attached to a fossil pokemon I'm missing from pre-gen IV, beside omanyte or aerodactyl. Lileep especially would be nice. Offered Pokemon : Skorupi/Beldum/Ralts/Magnemite/Beldum/Turtwig/Joltik/Cyndaquil/Phanpy/Horsea/Misdreavus I have at least 4 IV's perfect for many of these, perfect ones for the magnemite and the ralts actually to spare. Turtwig has seed bomb and I have one with 4 31IV's shiny, one joltik with 4 31IV's shiny, Cyndaquils have extrasensory. Availability: 7-10 AM and PM EST
  7. Let's see, I think you can get Corey's Croagunk at that point, Joltik is another possibility you might have missed, Gulpin and mareep are the other ok options you can have at this point. There's also a chance you get a sneasel egg from the Jasper ward policemen if you give them a growlithe egg.
  8. Here, take a look: It's exactly what it sounds like, a bunch of various mods in one pack.
  9. Someone's been using wondertrade or requesting a lot it seems. I recommend getting the modpack so you don't need to teach pokemon hm moves anymore, so you can stick with the more useful ones. Also I can have an Adamant Sneasel with Icicle Crash and 31 IV's in every slot but sp atk for you in about a week if in return you send my way one of these items: Choice Specs, Choice Band, Choice Scarf, Life Orb, any plate besides steel and fighting, any fossil pre gen IV besides root, leppa berry, razor claw or fang. Your team is ok but you probably want to get some more utility into it instead of just raw power, though you have some as well. You will likely need to do rotations for certain gyms though, but as the user above points out there is no one perfect team.
  10. So, I'm at the part where from what I've heard I'm going to get stuck in agate for a while. Are my current pokemon up to it before going, or should I level them a bit more or add other team members? First 5 also have perfect IV's. Pokemon in rotation: lvl 63 Timid Galvantula, speed and spa EV. Sticky Web, Discharge, Bug Buzz, Thunder Wave Item: Magnet lvl 57 Adamant Donphan, atk and hp EV. Earthquake, Giga Impact, Rollout, Strength Item: Earth Plate lvl 63 Adamant Drapion, 252 atk 190 sp def, 68 sp def EV's. Cross Poison, Night Slash, Knock off, Fell Stinger. Item: Scope Lens. Ability, sniper lvl 64 Modest Mismagius. 252 sp atk, 200 sp def, 52 spe EV's. Shadow Ball, Perish Song, Power Gem, Mystic Fire. Item: Spooky Plate lvl 65 Adamant Weavile. spe and atk EV's. Icicle Crash, Ice Shard, Night Slash, Taunt. Item: Nevermelt-Ice lvl 62 Naive Torterra. Not particularly EV trained but 188 in atk and 100 in def. Earthquake, Leaf Storm, Razor Leaf, Curse. Not entirely sure what set I would want to give a Torterra yet so haven't bred a replacement yet. Item: Meadow incense lvl 61 Mild Camerupt. Not particularly EV trained but 220 in sp atk and 150 in spe unfortunately. Earth Power, Lava Plume, Eruption, Rock Slide. Item: Charcoal I theoretically have two birds I used early game, a Noctowl and a Swanoo, but I think my current team has massively power-crept them out of viability and so I put them in a "Retired" box alongside the sneasel and galvantula I originally had in my team before breeding the ones I use now. Also a lvl 85 electrode caught in shade's gym, but I can't control it.
  11. Ok cool, thanks for the warnings. I assume it has something to do with their original trainers, considering their names are listed?
  12. Yeah decided to just do it as I had the shards and then immediately after Arc came over and gave me the lucky egg. Glad to see a happy ending to that subplot. Thanks for the heads up though.
  13. So, I finally got to 7th street, and what did I see but the pokemon that helped free me at one of the meteor hangouts. Kind of surprised they hadn't been set free then, that's what I assumed happened, but oh well. Obviously I want to free them all. Is there any way now that I can fight the dealer and free them or do I have to pay for their freedoms?
  14. I dealt with her by killing the Illumise as quickly as possible, then stalling by t-waving the two pokemon she has in with t-wave and air slash flinches until the rain ended. Her more dangerous pokemon aren't usually out at this point. After the rain ended, I sent in either my Camerupt or Arcanine and Lava Plume'd to change the terrain away from her advantage,
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