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  1. I hope its ok that I bump this, its been a while after all. To summarise I want to save on a file path such as: D:\Saved Rather than C:\...\Saved Games
  2. I have a new PC and I want to save as many things as possible on a drive that isnt the same as my OS
  3. I dont suppose anyone is aware of a way to change the save file path so it saves in an alt location?
  4. Im pretty sure thats all I need anyway... I cant think im missing off any. And yup, I just plan to breed them anyway
  5. I have a list of what I need if you can help at all
  6. Thanks Onto the starter hunt now
  7. I didnt realise about the other 2, let me get 2 fodder real quick and ill give you some more heart scales!
  8. Is that + Alolan Vulp for 2x Heart scales ok? Or would you want more
  9. Waiting now, Also, dont suppose you have a honedge?
  10. I am free now if you are
  11. I seemingly have no luck in finding them :?
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