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  1. xCrimson

    8th St Black Market Venders

    Vendor Name : @Starry Knight Requested Pokemon : 6 IV Ditto (For breeding purposes) Nature : Preferably adamant (I can change it, so no worries if it's not) Offered Pokemon : Torchic Gender : Female Ability : Blaze Nature : Adamant IV Spread : 31/22/17/30/31/29 EV Spread : 0/0/0/0/0/0 Pokerus : No Shininess : No Egg Moves : Scratch Item : None Online ID & Time with timezone : xCrimson - Afternoons in Eastern time (12p-12a)
  2. xCrimson

    Looking for a Torchic

    Alright I’m all set, thanks a bunch!
  3. xCrimson

    Looking for a Torchic

    Ok, gimme a minute to clap these Meteor freaks and then I’ll hop onto the trade center.
  4. xCrimson

    Looking for a Torchic

    That’s fine, there’s no rush. Just always liked Blaziken and didn’t realize how far you have to be in the game till you get one - I went with Greninja in the beginning to try something new.
  5. xCrimson

    Looking for a Torchic

    Hey y’all... as the topic says, I’m lookin for one of these little guys. If anyone’s got one to spare, I’d be overjoyed (Ability/nature doesn’t matter, as I have the stuff to change it). Trade ID is the same as my username. Thanks!
  6. xCrimson

    Blue Moon Ice Cream

    Haven’t tried out Gothita yet, but the Goomy (now Goodra) has been a GODSEND. I’m convinced the thing literally can’t die. So far, so good lol
  7. xCrimson

    Blue Moon Ice Cream

    That’d be sick, gimme a sec to run back to the pc at Fiore.
  8. xCrimson

    Blue Moon Ice Cream

    Oh wow. Got any other mons that’ve met the same fate? I’d be more than happy to incorporate them into my party lineup.
  9. xCrimson

    Blue Moon Ice Cream

    Got it, and I think I’ll actually put this togepi to good use hahah.
  10. xCrimson

    Blue Moon Ice Cream

    Sounds good, thanks a bunch! :)
  11. xCrimson

    Blue Moon Ice Cream

    Hey all! I just got to the Water Treatment Center and really wanna give Titania the BM ice cream for the relationship points. Thing is, I’m stuck in Agate. If anybody would be willing to trade me one (if you’ve got extra) to save me from the hellish RNG grind, it’d be much appreciated. My trade ID is xCrimson, and I’ll take whatever ya feel like offering. Thanks in advance!