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  1. Hello guys, I'm struggling with the fighting gym, so I look for a good Flying or Psychic Pokemon, since leveling is kinda difficult there, becaue I can't leave the area. Does anyone have something fitting for that at around lvl 60-70 and doesn't need it? I'd appreciate it a lot
  2. Hello folks, I am struggling with some fire types and I have a lack of water pokemon. I'd like to get a water starter mon around lvl 50-60. I could offer an Emboar around lvl 53.
  3. I searched for it and found the folder. But unfortunately there is on ly one file in it.
  4. Hello community, I got a big problem. I am in the 7th street and a lady wanted to get a Unfezant. So I went and caught a Pidove. I gave it my Exp. Share (which I got in the quest to find all lost furniture) to level and evolve it. But then I gave the lady my Unfezant and forgot, that it still was holding my Exp. Share. :( Is there a way to get it back? Or go back in time in the game like with an old save file? Or another way to get an Exp. Share, because it is quite important for me. Thank you very much and merry christmas.
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