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  1. Just like it's said in the Title, when i take the Skitty in Coral ward when first asked it's lvl 20 with an Egg move but if i refuse then come back to take it, it's lvl 15 without the egg move.
  2. Okay~ Thanks a lot for the answer I was already looking at bulbapedia but thanks for the link anyway x)
  3. Ohayo, what i mean with the title is : For example, Goldeen can hold a Mystic Water item in 7 gen, will it have a chance to hold it too in Pokemon Reborn or are some Pokemon with held item modified ? Cauz if i remember correctly i already caught a Meowth with Quick claw but since Mystic water is a relatively pricy item it might be OP ? EDIT: Never mind about the price, i confounded Mystic Water with Sea Incense x). Still asking for the helds item cauz that way i can stick to 7 gen list of Held items
  4. Epharam

    Why you shouldn't hate you Rivals.

    I agree with most of the thing you said Rambling, excepted on one point: N, He isn't really your rival, at no point does N "Wants" to fight with Pokemon, at no point N wants to be the League champion. All N Wants is Pokemon Liberation, and the only way he can achieve that is by being the best trainer there is, N doesn't really have any sort of competition with you, N just see in you someone who doesn't agree to his ideas but doesn't look wrong doing so, That's why N wants to battle you, to see who's will is stronger, who is right, Is the actual reality the best thing there is or should it be erased to be replaced by N's ideal. If N didn't need to impose his ideal by being the Pokemon champion, He would never have fought you. At the end, when N understand that his idea where wrong he doesn't even want to fight you anymore, he just leave to try and make the world a better place. A Rival is just someone you have competition with. and you could agree that N compete with you in the Unova league but he doesn't do it to be champion or the best like you, he just wants the throne. Anyway to come back to the original subject, i think the first rivals where loved because Jerks are easier to remember than plainly kind person Harsh reality
  5. I looked up the thread, it wasn't really like i want to make the thread i'm talking about, on that threads it more of a case by case thing where they try to help you with your actual team if you don't want to change anything and i know you can beat gym leaders with a lot of differents strategy that's why my idea is to List more than one team for each gym leader depending on the style of each player or if they only wanted to do some addition to their actual team they could have chosen the team that was the easiest to build with their actual pokemon (Dunno if i'm clear on that one.) Every team would be behind a spoiler so that the post doesn't take two pages of text x) And that's where the help of the community comes, there's more than one way to play or beat the gym leaders like you said, that way people can share their thoughts and help add countless teams to the list Should have said teams with the plural not that you mention it x) EDIT: Plus, there's some Pokemon that have random chances of appearing, for example Joltic/Grubbin and removing such good pokemon (when evolved though x) from the best teams would be kind of annoying i think Btw Was for the next line of text not for the Gym leaders part x) Oh yeah that XD Thanks, i like myself too x3 Thanks for the answer didn't know if it was enough of a presentation x)
  6. Yo, i'll reassure you right away i'm not spanish, i just love saying hi in a different language sometimes~ Soo, presentation time ! I'm a 20yo dude who love Pokemon since he's 5, i got my hands on every pokemon game that got out at some point (except some obscure one like "Hey you Pikachu" or "Pokemon ranch" and the 7th gen one) My english might be broken cauz' it's not my native language, actually a Belgian guy from the french side of the country ^^ I love to digress about nothing and everything, unless i'm totally squeezed of any energy i love to talk as for me every discussion is a chance to learn something from someone (even the dumbest info is something worth learning :3 ) At first i was a bit "scared" (dunno if that's the word to use in this situation) cauz' i'm not used to forums and the few i went on didn't quite catch my attention for long But i saw with this forum some potential for future project linked to Pokemon Reborn as i played a lot (and still haven't finished it cauz' i got a bad habit of restarting a game when i'm not satisfied of how i played when i learn a new mechanic OR...(I swear i do my best to keep calm saying this) when i accidentaly forgot to take off the Multi exp before giving my Luxray for Type:Null and then saved *Facepalm*) As for some example, i'll soon start streaming and it might not be the first thing i'll stream but i plan on Streaming Reborn as at least the second or third game i'll play on my channel. I would also want to create a post where with the help of the community we could share the best team for each gym leaders of Reborn (or even best team for certain chapters of the game) (This one i don't know if it is already done) I'd like to create some sort of League with the best players on Reborn to profit of the Online and do some battles to see who has the biggest I think i already digressed a bit :') Anyway here's some more infos about me, I'm playing pokemon strategy since i'm 11 and still suck as much as back then today (Yay ! :D) , I'm pretty lazy so expect a lot of abreviation I probably won't put much effort in decorating my text etc.. cauz' you know, just said why 2 sentences ago, only this part'll be in Comic Sans MS (It'll make sans with the last sentence of this presentation :3 ) I'm a sucker for pretty much every RPG, didn't a lot though cauz it takes time to finish one x) Thus if you want to talk about it don't hesitate ^^ If you played the game you pretty much know Cain and, i'm probably not as extravagant as he is but one thing i have in common with this character is placing lewd jokes in the middle of common discussion (I'll try to not get offensive and will never say outloud words that aren't suited for everyone though (I know there's rules and i plan to respect them)) Just noticed and remembered while reading what is was writing i'm also often not concentrated (I know there's a shorter word for that but couldn't find it on the moment) and will probably forget word without noticing of write twice the same word (at first i wrote "Just noticed and remembered while reading what is was reading" if you want an example of how far it can go xD) I think that pretty much sums it up, i hope i didn't forget anything. Hope i'll be able to stay active a while here and get along with the community Thanks for reading and have a nice day :3 PS: I love Undertale and bad puns x3