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  1. Oh so thats what it is then, ok thank you ventusX
  2. So I been playing for awhile, i have 7th badges so far and i was just exploring abit while thinking for a way to beat the 8th gym leader. I happen to pass by the part of town where the old poison gym leader corey from and enter a building and went to the rooftop to try to see if i can get a starly but what i got was a surprise. I happen to find corey there at the top and then he jumped off, idk what happen but i felt i got to find out about this event, while he was alive, i found all the policeman, and got the silver ring he had in his room, so idk if that trigger the event. So far i haven't found him till i was walking in Peridot Ward and he ran off when he saw me. So idk where his at or i should keep looking for him, i tried to look it up and but no luck about this mini event, so does anyone know will happen if i find him or what ill get from him ?
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