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  1. yea,i found it like 2 hours ago,but thanks
  2. i think the problem is that the map actaully did reset,explaining why the color of one bridge part keeps disappearing,but i have no way to get back,so.....idk ,like its because there a site here to replace the map,so basically everyone is not techinally in my map,or something,i still see that mega audiono,so i have no clue
  3. i did that,im still stuck,though it does say patch 2 instead of 1,the folder says it has to say patch 1,do you think thats the problem?
  4. so....i have patch 2,and there also a map file on this site to insert into data,leave the map,and it'll reset,how do i even leave the map if i have no possible way?im straight up stuck,i got to where i said to wait on everybody else,an thats as far as i gotten even with the new patch,i have new clue of how that even happens,this is so frustrating
  5. im stuck at the temple where you use the a button to switch between characters,the a button isnt working
  6. i found some map on the website,it said to insert it and leave the map,and itll reset itself,i dont exactly know how to leave the map
  7. im doing that thing where you switch between ren and aetlina,im almost done with the pyramid one,but the A button isnt responding for whatever reason,but it works fine when i type it,so its not like a broken button or anything,idk what to do tbh
  8. ive been fighting rouge physic lorna for hours,i keep losing because i dont have any revives,and i cant any poke marts for whatever reason,an someone help me out????
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