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  1. does anyone know what this means?the game loads fine and all,but what is this
  2. im the desert,i need to go to alamissaurben,which i have to go to by taking the mudsdale and head west,ive token the mudsdale an head west many of time,and still no clue of where im supposed to go....
  3. i seen jan post something v11,but i only still see 10 on the download page,as far as i know
  4. so,where so i go?,ive finished 9.2,and at the rose theatre
  5. @XxSilentWinterxX i should be in the center of teila resort near the pond Game.rxdata
  6. @XxSilentWinterxXGame (1).rxdata venam is supposed to be somewhere in telia's villa so we can progress to valor mountain,but i dont see her,the last thing i swa was venam talking to pone of our aliies on a togekss,or whatever it is,adam,braxien and the other lady are still on the ship,but venam is nowhere to be found
  7. yea it workds now,i got so frustrated,i thought i had to do something e;se
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