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  1. im the desert,i need to go to alamissaurben,which i have to go to by taking the mudsdale and head west,ive token the mudsdale an head west many of time,and still no clue of where im supposed to go....
  2. how do i update my current?
  3. helpmeplz2

    is v11 out yet?

    i seen jan post something v11,but i only still see 10 on the download page,as far as i know
  4. so is v11 out yet then?
  5. helpmeplz2

    anything new?

    anything new past the flying gym?
  6. helpmeplz2

    save file

    i dont remember where it is
  7. helpmeplz2

    anything new?

    i think the game might be gone.......... so idk...
  8. so,where so i go?,ive finished 9.2,and at the rose theatre
  9. @Animefan666 where is the hidden library one?
  10. @Animefan666 where is the hidden library one?
  11. where do i get rods?,i need ones to get atleast luvdiscs