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  1. Tarpenz

    No startscreen or game Text

    I got it to work now the problem actually had a really easy solution i installed the fonts like you said then restarted my computer and re downloaded the game and now it works. this is not my credit i google the problem and apparently someone had the exact same problem like me i am kinda embarrassed that i didn't try looking on google from the beginning but in my defense i did look and search on the forums for a solution or someone with the same problem and found nothing. Here is a link to the solution. ( Problem solved )
  2. Tarpenz

    No startscreen or game Text

    i tryed that but it didnt seem to do it either here is a picture of them. I also tryed to redownload the game after i installed them
  3. Tarpenz

    No startscreen or game Text

    First of i am sorry if this is the wrong place to report this but the other forums just didn't seem like the right place. i've just downloaded the new episode 18 and it's been a while since i last played so i was really looking forward to play again i had already decided to start over from new but every time i start the game there is no screen text i tryed to start my old save file since that seem to be the easiest i could see the pokemons i had in episode 17 and as you can see no text the game started fine but when i tryed to go in to the bag/options in game there where no text either sorry dot have a sceenshoot from that : S After that i deleted the game and download it again still the same i tryed to delete all my old savefiles and redownload in hope that would workand the result is this I hope this helps not sure what i can do to fix it since im not even sure what the problem is there is no erro reports or anything. Best regards Tarpenz