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  1. I don't think I fully understood the explanation when we got to play as Sakitron; I managed to win after a few tries but can't do so when playing as Allen in the pyramid. Can anyone please explain to me exactly what I need to do? I thought that for each thing the opponent says, there is a single move which does a critical hit so I've been trying different ones and listening for a ding sound because I heard it with Sakitron sometimes but I can't seem to figure it out and keep losing. Any tips with would be greatly appreciated Edit: I managed to find this bit in a youtube playthrough and it showed me what to do. I could have sworn I tried this moves when the admin said X but I guess not!
  2. I'm not sure how I missed seeing the patch; thank you very much!
  3. I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this, but I'm doing the Tecanlite Factory help quest and I can't find a key to progress. The door with the hostage workers is locked and so is the door at the top of the map. What am I missing? Thanks for any help! EDIT: I found the quest in a video on youtube and I see that there was meant to be a very obvious item in the room with the hostages, the Tecanlite key, but it wasn't there for me. I checked my bag and I definitely didn't pick it up. Unless it's different in this version? EDIT: My apologies; I checked the bug reporting thread and see it is a known issue. Please ignore.
  4. Thank you, that's working. It's disappointing though because I started a new game and checked the control screen again which definitely says 'S: Toggle walk/run'. I don't know if that means it was the case in a previous version or just an oversight. I guess I'll just have to get used to it
  5. Hi, an embarrassingly simple question, but I can't seem to run. I have the running shoes and I thought the key to toggle running was S but I can't seem to run? What have I done wrong?
  6. Thanks, I'm crying. Not sure how long I can take this as my background; I give it an hour
  7. @Angelkitsune I have no idea how I missed that! Thanks so much
  8. I still can't find her I don't get what I'm missing. Edit: Just to make things clearer for anyone who might be able to help me: Please, can anyone help me understand what I need to do next? If someone could tell me exactly where I should be able to find her, that would be great
  9. can someone please tell me what I've missed? It's probably ridiculously simple but I can't proceed Thanks for any help
  10. I've bumped into several shinies in route 4, but still no Plusle or Minum. I had no idea how rare it was! I don't suppose I'm missing something, like a time of day or a particular area within route 4 to hunt it?
  11. Quick question, if I'm hunting a shiny of any Pokemon casually walking around, e.g. Fletchling, and I immediately run away, get laughed at, and click again, is the chance of shiny reset? Or because I already interacted with the Fletchling, there's no way it will be shiny?
  12. Thanks for the suggestions I'm actually going with Turtwig because I developed a soft spot for it to due a Pokemon Ranger game but have never actually used it before. My usual go to's are Torchic, Froakie, and Popplio so I wanted to do grass for the change ^_^
  13. I was ecstatic to see this update! I'm starting a totally new game and I already love all the little changes I've seen so far Thanks for this! I just have one problem...I can't decide which starter to choose, oh dear! I'm a casual player so it's more a matter of deciding which one is my favourite as opposed to feeling like I HAVE to choose the best one in battle. Please send help haha XD
  14. I downloaded this game for the first time some days ago and I just finished it and WOW! Phenomenal fan game I was disappointed when I ran out of story! I just finished the latest Reborn episode shortly before this, and I ran out of Rejuvenation a while ago too; what am I meant to do with my time now? Haha Thanks for making such a fantastic with a stunning soundtrack (I nearly died of excitement when one of my favourite songs from started playing!), intriguing plots, and a range of characters to enjoy! I really loved how your choices truly do affect the story.
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